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The Coach Glue VIP program has been an incredible resource for me, my business and my leads and clients. Before being a VIP member, I often ran into roadblocks knowing what additional content and tools I should create for the people I serve, but now the ideas and tools come to me so I can turn them into my very own valuable resources. I’ve used the program to add value to existing offers, create lead magnets to turn visitors into prospects, and also to learn from as I continue refining my own business.

Start from scratch? WHY if Coach Glue gets you so close to the finish line, you can start getting results in days, if not hours.

Alex Navas, AlexNavas.com

Coach Glue provides amazing, high-quality content. Shhhh….It’s been one of my secret weapons over the past few years. I’m not sure I want too many people to find out about it. Here are just a few way I have personally used Coach Glue’s content in my business:

Subscriber Gifts. I love surprising my e-mail subscribers with free gifts. Using content from Coach Glue allows me to create a high-quality gifts without starting from scratch.

Product Bonuses. Adding value to my trainings and group coaching programs is important to me. By using content from Coach Glue, I’m able to add related bonuses to my training to increase the value to my clients.

Continuing Education. Sometimes I buy their packages to simply go through the training myself and continue to learn.

Both Nicole and Melissa are committed to providing great content and it shows. I highly recommend Coach Glue!

Shelley Hitz, Award-winning and International Best-selling Author, ShelleyHitz.com

I have already given my first live workshop at my local town library and three of the six attendees have taken on my services.

I know this business model works which is encouraging me to start building plenty of courses to keep things fresh and, of course, up to date.

Martyn Brown, MarketingBugle.online

I am new to CoachGlue and just starting my coaching business.  When I first explored CoachGlue’s material my first thought was, “WOW, finally exactly what I have been searching for!!”

CoachGlue’s VIP program made me an expert overnight and it is exactly what I needed to bring my business into overdrive. I can’t wait to start putting it all to use this year. Because of CoachGlue I will be able to have a monthly subscription service, host webinars, and group coaching calls immediately. All because I don’t have to spend the hundreds of hours it would take to create all this content.

Thank you CoachGlue for making such wonderful material that I can use to teach my clients and move them forward in their businesses and careers. Making dreams come true one person at a time.

Debra Olree-Heffner, DebraHeffner.weebly.com

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