10 Done-for-You Blog Posts: The Facebook Package

Get these 10 Done-for-You Blog Posts and 30 Social Media Posts!

Want to create professional content quickly that attracts new clients?

Of course you do! Content that…

  • Shows off your amazing expertise
  • Empowers your readers
  • Engages your site visitors
  • And (most importantly) starts a conversation

Of course, for a busy coach, finding the time to actually write content that hits all those critical points can feel pretty overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve put together a special package of 10 professionally written done-for-you blog posts about Facebook Messenger Bots. These posts arrive ready to copy and paste into your blog, newsletter, or anywhere else you need compelling content that demonstrates the value of coaching.

You’ll also receive 30 Social Media Posts (3 to promote each blog post) with this package. Use these done-for-you posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other networks to promote your blog posts. Add them to your Meet Edgar schedule for hands free promotion that works for you 24/7!

Instantly Get These 10 Done-for-You Blog Posts and 30 Social Media Posts to Promote Them:

  1. Need More Time in Your Day? Clone Yourself!
    Now there’s a way to work more efficiently while also putting parts of your business on autopilot.
  2. Is a Facebook Messenger Bot Right for Your Business?
    Before you sign up for a free chatbot account, determine if a chatbot is necessary for your business.
  3. Reach Rock Star Status with Automated Customer Service!
    One of the best and easiest tools to automate your customer service is by using a Facebook Messenger bot.
  4. Create a Chatbot the DIY Way
    Taking the do-it-yourself approach is acceptable to integrate this technology. This blog post shares how you can find a chatbot vendor.
  5. Should Your Bot Take the Place of Your Email Marketing Efforts?
    There is room for using both bots and email marketing. This blog post shares tips on how to determine if adding Facebook Messenger bots is the right approach or not, and how to effectively woo your audience.
  6. Are Facebook Messenger Bots Cost Effective?
    First you need to determine your main goal in adding a bot to your business. This blog post shares tips on how you can determine costs for your bot project.
  7. 3 Tips for Integrating a Facebook Messenger Bot into Your Sales Funnel
    Sales funnels are a visual representation of how you will attract prospects and what products you will offer them, ultimately leading to your highest price product or package.
  8. Bring Your Chatbot to Life with These Writing Tips
    Creating a chatbot may be easy with the various platforms available but creating the message sequence that will hold the customer’s attention while guiding them to your final goal is a little trickier and takes some planning.
  9. Improve Your Customer Service Process While Closing Sales with Facebook Messenger Bots
    Now it’s easier to make those offers and really customize your prospect’s shopping experience.
  10. Improve Your Authority Status by Using a Facebook Messenger Bot in Your Business
    The addition of new technology can bump you up some notches as an authority figure.

What is the value of getting new clients on autopilot from this package? At just $17, we know you’ll thank us later.

Get All 10 Blog Posts for Only $17!
(that’s only $1.70 per post)