Network Your Way to a Virtual Book Tour

So, you’ve published your book. Now what?

Sales won’t come automatically without some major marketing and if you don’t have the same level of name recognition as Stephen King, then your publishing house likely isn’t setting up a book tour; in fact, before accepting new authors many publishing houses will ask them how they intend to market the book and make sales.

It’s up to you and your team to plan out a virtual book tour, which is a massive marketing campaign where you, the author, are featured on other blogs, podcasts, and videos of people who have large followings and are considered to be social influencers. This is where all your years of networking and cultivating relationships will be useful in getting conversations started with potential tour hosts.

Cold Calls vs Warm Calls

Cold calls are phone calls or email pitches made to complete strangers whereas warm calls are calls or pitches made to those who know your name or who travel in the same circles as you. Cold calls often come across the same way as telemarketing phone calls – an annoyance that you want to hang up on as soon as possible – so you can imagine how influencers who receive these random requests from complete strangers feel. Chances are their virtual assistant deletes them or puts them into a deep, dark file never to be seen again.

Making your pitch to a warm contact is always more beneficial than cold calling. If they don’t recognize your name right away at least you can say, “We met at XYZ conference,” or, “We’re members of the YYYY mastermind group.” Once you’ve got their attention, it’s easier to explain that you’re looking for opportunities to share your message with their audience. Yes, promoting your book is certainly part of the request but you’ll earn more respect if your primary goal is to serve the people in the influencer’s audience instead of just wanting to sell books.

Expect Some No’s

Create a lengthy list of potential hosts to contact because not everyone will agree to host you. Basically, you’re asking them to give you a post on their blog or time on their podcast for no immediate return for them. Some people will have schedules that are booked months in advance; some may just not like the idea; some may want you to pay a fee for the opportunity; some may not feel you have the right message to share with their audience. No matter the reason, be prepared to hear the word no and proceed down your list.

Before you end any conversation with a potential tour host, no matter if they agreed to host you or not, always ask them if they can think of anyone else who may be interested in this opportunity, or someone who has created a virtual book tour that you can speak with. This is networking 101 and it takes no time at all for the influencer to give you a name to follow up with. For you, it’s one more name to add to your list and when you contact this person, you can now say, “Steve Jones suggested I give you a call…” which will get your foot in the door.

Stay Organized with Our Virtual Book Tour Planner

To make your virtual book tour a success, you need to be organized and to have many processes running at the same time in complete alignment. If you don’t have a miraculous memory, our Virtual Book Tour Planner is your saving grace.

Our planner includes the eight success steps you need to take along with lots of space for notes and exercises to get you focused and organized. Once you’re done with the brainstorming part, simply hand the info to your virtual assistant to send out your pitches and create your book tour schedule.

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