Finance Kit: Money Tracking and Planning for Coaches

FinanceKit_340pxThis set contains 5 planning cheats to help you learn how to plan for and manage your business finances, and 14 forms and checklists to make tracking the finances in your Coaching business “fill-in-the-blank” simple!

You get everything in .doc and excel format so you can customize it as much (or as little) as you would like.

Use this package in your own business or give it to your clients to help them get organized and plan their business finances. It gives you the ability to quickly and easily:

…Create budgets
…Plan for quarterly taxes & emergencies
…Track affiliate marketing income
…Organize income and expenses, donations and travel expenses

The Included 14 Checklists and Forms Are:

  • Ad Tracker (excel) – to manage each of your ads and track their stats every month
  • Business Basics Checklist – to ensure you have all of the documentation, systems and procedures in place to manage your business finances.
  • Contractor Information Form – to manage your contractors’ contact and other information
  • Monthly Expense Checklist – to track your business expenses each month
  • Partnership Checklist – this doc will help you to protect yourself if you’re considering a Joint Venture project.
  • Charitable Donations Workbook (excel) – to track every charitable donation you make so you have all of the information ready at tax time
  • Expense Budget Workbook (excel) – an easy to manage way of tracking your monthly expenses by category
  • Expense Calendar Workbook (excel) – this gives you a big picture overview of your annual expenses and also breaks those down into exactly when those expenses are due each month
  • Income Snapshot Workbook (excel) – lets you easily see where your income comes from, perfect for those with several income streams
  • Month-to-Month Trending Workbook (excel) – so you can look back and see how this month has compared to the same month last year, and what the difference is
  • Travel Expense Workbook (excel) – to track your travel expenses for those conferences and networking events you attend
  • Profit and Loss Workbook (excel) – a big picture look at your monthly income, expenses and profit
  • 2 Different Affiliate Income Tracking Workbooks (excel) – these 2 workbooks are structured different both have the same outcome, to help you track how much you earn in affiliate commissions

The Included 5 Planning Cheats Are:

  • Emergency Savings Fund Plan – a step-by-step walk through of what you need to do to set aside an emergency savings fund for those times when you’re unable to continue working
  • Monthly Budget Plan – planning a monthly budget that grows and adapts with you as your needs change
  • Monthly Income Plan – creating an outline of your monthly income streams so you know exactly where the money comes from and can control your cashflow
  • Quarterly Tax Plan – so you’re never surprised when it comes time to submit your taxes
  • Zero Sum Business Budgeting Plan – this budgeting philosophy will help you to allocate every dollar so there’s no money unaccounted for

Get Your Finance Kit:
Money Tracking and Planning for Coaches
for Only $47!


Here’s a few examples of what you’ll get:

zero sum business budgeting plan

 Get Your Finance Kit:
Money Tracking and Planning for Coaches
for Only $47!