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Planning = Profits

Welcome back! In Lesson 2, you get to hear from Nicole about how to overcome overwhelm and finally turn those dreams into reality. PLUS, she shares how you can easily help your clients to do the same.

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In this video, Nicole talks about the CoachGlue Done-for-You Planners that are so very popular with Coaches, Virtual Assistants, Consultants, Authors, Speakers, Bloggers, and so many more experts.

Why are they so popular? Because planning = profits and these planners are so versatile.

You can use them to plan your own business and then use them with your clients, too. PLUS, you can use them to create training for exposure and visibility and to start to build passive income in your business.

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More Things You’ll Love

Done-for-You Coaching Forms – Let us help you to get and keep more clients and help you to have more time and freedom to focus on what you do best.

Done-for-You Planners – Planning is the key to profits. We can help. Check out our selection of business planners. And SURPRISE! You can use these with YOUR clients, too.

Done-for-You Workshops – Want to lead workshops but don’t have the time to start from scratch? We do the work for you!

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They Love Us And You Will, Too!

They Walk the Walk.

“I always learn something new when I listen to Nicole or Melissa teach. I have observed their business model for years and have been impressed with their success.

Shelly Hitz,

Maximize Your Profits.

“There’s nothing worse than the thought of leaving money on the table, and Nicole and Melissa are brilliant at helping you uncover those hidden revenue streams and maximizing your profit potential!”

Lou Bortone,

I LOVE Coach Glue!!! Let me count the ways….

1) I learn so much just reading through the materials. I even have the release dates for the new monthly content seared into my brain.

2) It saves me TONS of time as I don’t have to research topics that my audience wants to learn  more about.

3) I’ve run a monthly training and group coaching program, for three years, with Coach Glue content as either the inspiration, the main content, or the bonus. YEAH Coach Glue!!!! OH and

4) Some of my private coaching clients are Coach Glue members too so I’m showing them how to create a monthly program (to generate monthly income) based on the Coach Glue content, for their clients.

Hmmm, maybe I should run for president of the Coach Glue Fan Club!

Dvorah Lansky,

About Us.

About Melissa Ingold, Co-Owner of

Melissa Ingold believes that an entrepreneur truly steps into their power and joy when they shift out of their self-assigned job as task doer, and realign themselves with their true role as the visionary creator for their business.

Overcoming teen pregnancy, single parenting, poverty, and no business experience, Melissa built a highly sought after service business from the ground up. However, after 5 years of running her business single-handily, while taking care of 2 young children, a husband and managing a household, she was exhausted, frustrated, and just wanted to throw in the towel, crawl into bed, and hide under the covers until it all went away. But what she quickly discovered, is that her rock bottom break down was actually disguised as a life changing break-through.

In 2006, desperate to escape the cage her business had built around her, Melissa took a leap of faith and hired her first virtual assistant. It was a move that would change the course of her business and life forever. Over the next few years, in her new role as the visionary creator in her business, she transitioned out of the service industry, hired more help, restructured and streamlined her business model, and designed a business around her life, rather than forcing her life to conform to her business.

By 2010, Melissa’s team had been running her business for almost two years so she could work just a few hours a week and devote the rest of her time to taking care of her third child, a baby boy with special needs. In mid-June of that same year, her son passed away in his sleep just 8 days before his second birthday. Today, Melissa attributes outsourcing and the support of her team for the magic that kept her business growing and making money, while she had the freedom of time to cherish every moment with her son.

Melissa now runs several successful businesses with the help of her fabulous team. She creates 100+ new products every year, runs 6 different monthly membership programs, is an affiliate marketer, and has created a slew of fun projects with amazing joint venture partners. After the loss of her son a few years ago, Melissa is opening up about her experiences and sharing her message about outsourcing to help other entrepreneurs bridge the gap between a business that takes all your time, energy, and joy to one that works for you and supports you in creating the life you’ve always dreamed about.

About Nicole Dean, Co-Owner of

Nicole Dean is a Published Author, Popular Speaker, Successful Blogger and Podcaster, and a Business Consultant to really smart people.

She is frequently asked to teach about the topics of Blogging, Outsourcing, Passive Income, Working from Home Successfully, Content Repurposing, Running a Profitable Affiliate Program, Creating infoproducts (as she’s released hundreds of her own), Productivity, and List Building – among other things.

Nicole has been featured in several books, and has published her own books as well. One of her greatest talents is getting other successful and talented people to write content for her – for free. In fact, her book series “Expert Briefs” is mostly written by her colleagues.

She believes that an entrepreneur can only reach success once they are focused on the three most important things –

  • Building an awesome business.
  • Creating an amazing life (including health and family).
  • Making the world a better place.

Yes, her Mission is To Make the Web and the World a Better Place – and, Have a Lot of Fun and Make a Lot of Money While Doing It.

She enjoys work very much, but lives to spend time with her much-adored husband, her two silly children – and also her three slightly neurotic but adorable puppies, Einstein, Luke, and Monkey.

But, Nicole isn’t stuffy by any means. She loves to travel and has made it a personal goal to get her passport stamped in a new country every year. She has a great belly laugh that can be heard in a very crowded room. She’s also a bit geeky (has been to a Star Trek convention and knows James T. Kirk’s middle name).

But she’s also got a super soft heart and does work with orphans (and has a daughter and grand-daughter in Latvia – which is a long story for another time) and she strives to supports families who are adopting both financially and emotionally. She has fostered nearly a dozen dogs who were in transition from an abused or neglectful situation into new loving homes.

She also loves doing jigsaw puzzles with her Gramma every chance she gets.

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