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This is Exactly What You Will Get When You Decide to Invest in Any of Our Done-For-You Courses:

4 Course Lessons Completely Written for You

Kiss your blinking cursor goodbye! These lessons have been expertly researched and written for you. And they’re totally customizable so you can edit, tweak, and brand to your heart’s delight!

Course Workbook with Worksheets, Exercises, and Checklists

Who doesn’t love a good workbook? Your clients are totally going to crush on this workbook filled with all the goodies that will help them take action.

Facebook Livestream Theme Script to Generate Buzz for Your Course Launch

So what do you talk about during your live that will get people excited about buying your course? Wonder no more! You’ll get an entire script that tells you exactly what to teach your audience. Just open up the file on your computer, or print it off to have in front of you during your FB live or webinar.

Facebook Livestream Launch Page Copy

If you’ve ever struggled with what to say on the registration page for your webinar, or what to put in your email to get people running to join your Facebook live – well, those days are over! Just copy, paste, done.

Sales Page Copy to Sell Your Course

Because who wants to spend weeks writing sales copy instead of making money. Just copy and paste this professionally written copy into your sales page template, add your buy buttons, and CHA-CHING! You’re ready to open enrollment for your course.

10 Done-for-You Social Media Posts

No more wondering what to post on social, just copy and paste these Facebook and Twitter posts to help you promote your new course.

5 Blog Posts to Warm Your Audience Up for Your Upcoming Launch

Just drop these golden babies right into your blog and VOILA! Shareable content to generate love for your upcoming course launch. And, with a little tweaking, you can easily use these golden nuggets as emails too!

5 Email Templates to Make Promoting Your Livestream & New Course a Breeze

These 5 click-ready emails are totally done-for-you! All you have to do is drop in your livestream or course deets, add your own personal touches, and send. No more trying to figure out what the heck to send to your email subscribers.


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