What is Coach Glue? A Tour.

We design and create high-end coaching programs, workshops, and content for business coaches that you can license, brand, and sell to your own clients.

  • Our content is for you if are a business coach or entrepreneur who reaches other business owners.
  • Our content is not for you if you are life coach, health coach, parenting coach, weight loss coach, etc. However, you can absolutely purchase our content to learn for yourself.

Create a Stress-Free Monthly Group Coaching Program

Do you want to work with fewer 1:1 clients and increase your income?

Creating a monthly group coaching program is a great way for you to leverage your time, and create a stream of recurring revenue.

The downside is that you have to keep coming up with fresh new training and content to release to your members every month.

But of course, we have you covered!

Watch the video to find out how to create a stress-free monthly group coaching program:

Please note that this video may not reflect current pricing. 

Want to Create Your Own Group Coaching Program?

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