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The difference in personality types is what makes some of us great at sales, while others thrive in content creation or other solitary endeavors. And that would be great, if business only entailed one task.

The problem for solo-entrepreneurs is that your business requires you to wear many hats. While you might get to indulge your inner introvert by hiding behind your computer monitor, your business will suffer if you don’t put yourself out there in the form of marketing and networking.

It’s clear that no matter which side of the introvert/extrovert divide you find yourself on, managing a business can be uncomfortable. It’s easier though, if you first know exactly where you fall on the scale.

Using this planner you can coach your clients 1:1, or to a group through a live masterclass, or recorded a video or audio program – and walk them through the process of uncovering their business personality.

Or, you can even use this planner as a lead generator to build your list – simply set up an opt-in page, monetize this package with your information and offers, and give it away to the people who sign up for your mailing list.

Business Personality Assessment Planner

You can use this planner to help your clients understand exactly what their business personality is so they can network with ease and work with a team.

You can customize this planner it as much (or as little) as you would like for your business. You can sell it on your website, or use to grow your email list.

Specifically, this planner covers:

  •  Step 1: Know Your Personality Type
    • Exercise: Identify Your Personality Type (And the Struggles Your Face Because of it)
  • Step 2: Discover Your Core Values
    • Exercise: List Your Core Values
  • Step 3: Are You a Lion or a Wolf?
    • Exercise: Find Your Chronotype
    • Exercise: Design Your Ideal Schedule
  • Step 4: Communication Styles Matter
    • Exercise: Find Your Communication Style
  • Step 5: Micromanage Isn’t a Dirty Word
    • Exercise: Know Your Management Style
  • Step 6: No-Sweat Networking
    • Exercise: Plan Your Networking Strategy
  • Step 7: Know Your Love Language
    • Exercise: Consider the Love Languages of Your Team



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