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Get done-for-you business coaching content without the hassle of hiring (or creating it all yourself).

From low-ticket digital products to high-end business coaching programs, our done-for-you content packages give you everything you need to create and launch your next coaching offer in days, not months.

Rebrandable Planners

Use our done-for-you digital planners as a freebie to grow your list or as low-cost digital products to grow your bottom line.

Get a full-fledged video script and workbook that you can package together to create a digital product. All you have to do is hit record.

Courses & Workshops

Get started building your course with done-for-you lessons, workbooks, sales pages, social media copy and more! We make it super simple to get started.

get it done

You’re a one-woman show with a big dream and a booked calendar. But you know there’s more out there for you.

More money. More impact. More places to go and things to see…

But right now, you’re exhausted.

And it’s not hard to see why. You’ve worked hard to build a successful coaching business that allows you to do what you love while helping others accomplish their dreams.

Except you find yourself putting your own dreams on the back burner because you’re juggling #AllTheThings in your business.

You should be able to take time off to travel, go on vacation, or even take a self-care day without your business coming to a screeching halt.

It’s time to create a wildly successful offer you can sell in your sleep. But finding the time to create all the content you need for your next course, coaching program, or digital product seems impossible.

That is… until you found us! The secret of 65,000 business coaches, just like you. What do you want to launch next?

get launched

Launch money-making programs & products in days, not months.

Get right to the good part with ready-to-go content designed just for business coaches.

Each package includes all the content you need to get started. Adjust the content to fit your own brand, voice, and style of coaching.

And voila! You’ve got a new coaching offer that you can use to grow your business without the burnout.

hit send

Ready to finally launch the darn thing?!

Lack of time doesn’t have to hold you back from your full potential as a coach.

Get everything you need to create, launch, and sell new passive products that can help you add more commas and zeros to your bank account without adding more time to your already busy schedule.

With Coach Glue done-for-you content packages, it gets to be easy.

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Ready to Launch It?

Scaling your coaching biz to 6-figures and beyond doesn’t have to mean working twice as hard to pump out new content.

Join the Launch It Club and get instant access to our done-for-you courses and workshops, planners, printables, video scripts, workbooks, blog posts, and more. 

Using our ready-to-go coaching content packages, you can be on your way to helping more people and making more cash than ever before without the stress and burnout that comes with creating all your content from scratch.

Isn’t it time you gave yourself the VIP treatment?


Meet the creators.

Hi friends! We’re Melissa and Nicole.

We want you to get back to doing what you love—whether that’s planning your next trip, spending more time with your family, or even just squeezing in an extra yoga class.

That’s why we created our done-for-you content packages so that you can share your insights and gifts with the world without having to hire a team or spend months working on the materials.

With over a decade of experience as marketers, online business owners, and content creators, we know how exhausting it can be to create all the content you need to build and launch your coaching offers all on your own. (We’ve been helping others do it for years!)

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From a confidentiality agreement to referral requests, you’ll save time and streamline with our free coaching forms.
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