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We design and create high-end coaching programs, workshops, and content for business coaches that you can license, brand, and sell to your own clients.

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Learn how to BREAK FREE from your exhausting 80 hours a week 1-to-1 business using Done-For-You Coaching Programs!

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No more staring at a blank screen or paying thousands of dollars (like we do) to create these types of programs. You just grab what you need, change the look to your own sparkly brand, then blend in some of your own amazing personality and mad skills and you’ve got your own signature coaching program that you can fill over and over again.

Your clients will get better results than ever. They’ll sing your praises to everyone who will listen, and YOU, my friend, can get away from the computer for awhile and enjoy a margarita more often.


I love the customizable content from! I use it for so many things, but one of my favorite ways to use content is to create products. I used this process to create one of my best-selling sites – Outsource Your Membership Site. I purchased the original package, which included a salesletter and a 40-page report. I took the report and pulled out content for articles. Then I outlined the slides I wanted to create for a webinar. I taught the live webinar, using the slides I had created from the original report. The recording of that webinar, plus all of the other materials I created based on that CoachGlue package are included in the site for the product. It only took me 72 hours to create a quality product that continues to sell. And it all started with one $20 product from!
Jeanette S. Cates, PhD,