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How to Create Your First Course in an Afternoon

Creating courses and coaching programs is a lot of work and soooo hard, right?

Oh my goodness no!

Your first little product or coaching program can be as simple as recording a short video or audio in the morning and putting it up for sale in the afternoon.

Then, start sharing it and once you realize how simple and effective it is to create a series of tiny passive income streams – you can repeat, repeat, repeat.

Here are the steps:

1) Come up with an idea.

The easiest way to come up with an idea is to think about what people are already asking you for help with….

OR what would work to support the courses you’ve already created and sold.

OR what are your most popular blog posts, videos, social posts, or talks you’ve given.

OR you can start with one of our video scripts or planners at as your outline.

OR we have a free printable guide Discover your Course Idea. Sign up below. 

Click here to get this free printable planner!

Get an idea of what you want to teach. Don’t overthink this. Consider your first course just to be just practice (to take the pressure off), so just pick something and run with it, ok? 🙂

Of course the easiest way to create a course is to just buy our done-for-you coaching courses! We include a sales page, emails, printables and more!

2) Create your training.

Record your training via audio and upload here using THIS easy to use tool. (This creates a private coaching feed that you give your paid customers access to.)

Of course, you can also record video, but I still recommend you offer your training in audio version via the tool above. I am not a person who will sit and watch video and I do not buy video courses, but I will listen to audio on a walk. I don’t listen to podcasts in general, but I will listen to organized, well thought out audio books and training. (Hint… this is a big big advantage to offering this type of training.)

3) Set up your buy button.

As always I recommend you use this to sell your coaching if you don’t already have something set up.

4) Promote!

Here’s our free marketing planner!

Click here to download it now! 

Don’t forget to send a note about your new course to your lists.

(Here are some email templates if you need ideas. –> I had lunch with Liz, the creator of these templates. She does good work for our community. I think you’ll enjoy these.)

Make lots of sales.

5) Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.:)

Much love,
Nicole and Melissa

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