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There are so many ways for you, as a coach, to increase your income, your impact and your influence.

Printables are a way to do just that.

From journals, to planners to card decks, we’ve got resources for you.

We sell done-for-you guided planners here at Coach Glue and many of you have been asking how to turn them into print versions that you can ship to clients or personally hand to people you want to network with — as well as create print-on-demand versions that can earn you passive income and get you in front of more potential clients.

We are looking for the best recommendations at this time. In the meantime, here are some other ways to make money with printables. <3

Blank Journals with Your Branded Cover.

Do you have a coaching motto or saying that lights up your clients? If so, you can turn that into a notebook or journal that they can carry around with them to remind them every day!

You can actually create a spiral notebook like this in 15 minutes that you can sell on Etsy.

Our friend, Kristie, created this BRAND NEW spiral notebook just by looking at the key factor when selling ANYthing online.

What is already selling??? Because the key is to sell something similar in a HOT market…

She created a course called How To Create A No Content Print on Demand Spiral Journal in 15 Minutes To Sell On Etsy.

It is one of the EASIEST online income streams that you’ll find…

  • You don’t have to print it yourself.
  • You don’t have to box it up.
  • You don’t have to jump in your car and run to the post office.
  • You don’t have to worry about “junking up” your already-full garage or closet with supplies to create!

We love it! And we think you will too..

If you’d like to create blank journals (with lined paper) with your own branded message on the cover, then this is the best course we’ve found.

How To Create A No Content Print on Demand Spiral Journal in 15 Minutes To Sell On Etsy

Card Decks

Our friend, Rosie Battista, is the Queen of Card Decks. She has personally coached many of our friends to have their own card decks they can use with clients, offer as gifts, and earn passive income.

Here’s how you can learn from her:

Free Card Deck Webinar

Sign up for Her Card Deck Course

Resources to Help you SELL More of Your Journals, Planners, and Card Decks.

Pinterest Profits – How to Sell on Pinterest – This is a really great course from Kristie Chiles.

Easy Printable Traffic – A course from our friend Amy Harrop. This course will show you how to sell printable/digital (not already printed) journals on Etsy.