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What are the terms of use for our content?

At we have three different types of resources for you.

Please be sure to follow the terms as described below for the specific items you purchased.  (When in doubt, look into your download files.)


All items from our “Tools” section, including coaching forms are for your personal use and use with your clients. They may not be sold.


What You CAN Do With This Content:

After you turn it it into a pdf, you can do any of the following…
YES – You can edit, add to or sell the report as is
YES – You can claim full authorship
YES – This content can be used as website, blog or newsletter content
YES – This content can be used for creating an opt-in bonus
YES – This content can be bundled with other paid products to add more value to them
YES – This content can be offered as a bonus to a paid product
YES – This content can be added to paid membership sites
YES – This content can be used as inspiration to create audio or video products
YES – You can sell this as a personal use only product
YES – You may publish it offline as a paid product
YES – You can sell the report for less than $7.00
YES – You can give it away to your clients
YES – It can be added to free membership sites

What You CANNOT Do With This Package:

It can not be offered through auction sites, dime sales/firesales
You can not give away or sell private label rights
You can not give away or sell resell rights or master resell rights
You may not transfer the rights you have to your customer

Pricing: When pricing your report, please remember that lower prices do not always mean more sales.

Your customers can only use the items for personal use. You cannot give them any source files, and they cannot give away or sell the content items. 


Our training programs are for your personal use only, unless stated otherwise.

These terms are subject to change & can always be found inside the bundles.

It is your responsibility to check the current terms before you use this product in any way.