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How to Write a Book When You Have No Time to Write

Is writing a book on your clients’ business bucket lists, but they’re just not getting the darned thing done?

Do your clients have “become a published author” on their vision boards staring at them… year after year?

Or maybe your client casually mentioned that they want to write a book when planning their goals or masterminding… last year or the year before. But it’s not happening. 

Not only do they not have a book written, but they haven’t made any progress. 

They want to do it but they get overwhelmed at the thought, so they put it off. Luckily, they have you.

You know that with the proper planning, like most things in business, writing a book is not only very doable but it can actually be fun.

And you’re the one to help them finally plan and write the darned thing — with this beautiful, professional and customizable “How to Write a Book When You Have No Time to Write”planner!

Book Planner. Digital download in Canva. For Business Coaches.

Download this Planner for Only $47!


Imagine how good it will feel to watch your clients accomplish this dream. And of course, you will be the one to get them there!

You can customize this digital done-for-you “How to Write a Book” planner and sell it on your website as your own product or use it with your clients.

Here is what’s covered in this 50+ page planner (that comes with supporting exercises):

Your clients will LOVE this planner!

it's easy

This Book Planner has been designed in Canva and is ready for you to easily add your brand colors and images.

Just open the template in your free Canva account, change the colors, design, text, whatever your heart desires. Then export it as a PDF (which is easy to do in Canva with 2 simple clicks) and it’s ready for you to use with clients or sell!

You can sell this planner on your website, give it as a bonus to your coaching clients, include it as part of your paid courses and programs, or even build a VIP day around the content of the planner.


This is how easy it is to change the colors!


Canva not for you? No problem!

We’ve included this planner in a word document so you can take the content and use it however you like.
You’ll get the word document so that you can design it any way and with any software you want (in your favorite design program).
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When you sell just 2 copies of this planner at $27 each – you’ll cover the cost of buying this planner AND everything after that would be profit for you!

Do you think you can sell 2 copies? 

200 copies or more?

We know you can!

Download this Planner Now for Only $47!
Book Planner. Digital download in Canva. For Business Coaches.

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How can you make money with this done-for-you planner?

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What exactly can you do with this planner?

Here are 9 ideas to get you started…

Personal Use (Grow Your Own Business!)

Use this planner to plan and write your own book to grow your authority! Use it to choose your topic, create your content and even decide how and when you’ll write.

Case Study & Grow Your Expert Status

After you’ve used the planner, put together a case study based on your own results and do a Facebook live or Zoom call sharing your experience and selling your new planner

Grow Your Email Lists

Create an opt-in from sections of this planner to grow your lists. Sell a digital or even print version of this planner on the backend to people who opt-in to your lists.

Host a Virtual Event

Gather other experts who are passionate about writing books (or helping others write books!), and host a virtual event on this topic and use this planner as one of your upsells.

Bonus for Existing Programs

Offer this planner and a quick tutorial video as a bonus when people purchase your coaching or implementation package.

Bonus for Affiliate Offers

Do you promote something already related to book creation? If so, use this as a bonus when people take action and buy your suggested course.

Host a Facebook Challenge.

How cool would it be if you ran a training in your Facebook group and based each day’s lesson on one step (and the exercises) from this planner…and then funneled people into your higher end courses and programs?

Grow Your Own Community.

Start a separate FB group of entrepreneurs who are interested in writing and selling a book, and offer the community to those who purchase this planner. Offer your coaching program to them too!

Get Them Interested in Your Services.

Work through this planner with your clients to help them grow their business by creating a book to sell. Offer a done-for-them service after they see what’s involved, if they don’t want to implement themselves.

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You get this in Canva and .doc format and you can add to the planner, edit it, remove or replace portions, customize it, monetize it, feature your own programs or your favorite products, or just use it as it is.

We can’t wait to see what YOU do with the material.
Book Planner. Digital download in Canva. For Business Coaches.
Download this planner now

Only $47!


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Isn’t it time you gave yourself the VIP treatment?

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