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We have a special treat for you today. Leonie Dawson, creator of the super-popular “Create your Shining Year” planners sat down for a chat about success.

leoniefacebeachWho is Leonie?

  • CEO. Author. Artist. Creative. Blogger. Hugger. Mama.
  • From her beautiful accent you’ll discover she’s Australian, too.
  • Street Cred? She’s got it in spades. For instance, she’s created a business that has generated millions in revenue.
  • And she makes the world a better place.

Some of the things we talked about on the call included:

  • One simple thing that’s different between six figure earners, millionaires, and billionaires. (Remember, success leaves clues. Follow this one.)
  • Why her planners are so powerful and popular. (One word. Results.)
  • For entrepreneurs, why we should care about the life planner. (Warning. She gets a the soapbox here, and rightfully so.)
  • What if we’re too busy to sit down and plan? (Major butt-kicking here!)
  • Why success is so important to Leonie. Hint. It’s because she can make the world a better place on a bigger scale. (We both cried a little at the end.)

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Listen to the interview here:

We hope you enjoyed the call!

Nicole Dean & Melissa Ingold