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10 Done-for-You Client Getting Blog Posts

Sometimes your prospects won’t know they need you as their coach until you tell them and we’ve made it easy for you with these 10 done-for-you client-getting blog posts. Each title in this package demonstrates the benefits of having a coach so all you have to do is craft a persuading call-to-action before publishing each one.

Let’s get creative with these blog posts. Post on your blog. Use them as a script for a video series. Add a shortened version to your email newsletter. Spread the wealth across multiple platforms to attract the most people.

After publishing, use the 30 done-for-you social media posts to drive traffic to your website and get those prospects into your sales funnel. We know how difficult it is to balance coaching clients along with your content creation, so we take great pride in helping you along the way. Allow us to share our amazing team of writers with you to save you time and money in the long run.

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