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Recurring Subscriptions: How to Create a Membership Program that’s Easy, Fun, and Profitable!

Ready to Help Your Clients Create Predictable Income & Impact More People–Without Working More?

Here’s what you know about your clients: They’re wildly passionate about what they do, but the truth is they’re tired.

Maybe they’re maxed out with private clients and can’t seem to figure out how they’d squeeze in yet another one-to-one appointment each week…

…or they’re over living client-to-client (or worse, launch to exhausting launch) and dealing with major ups and downs in their income…

…or they’re tapped out and so done creating mountains of quality content that seems to disappear–or literally does *ahem, IG Stories*–in 24 hours…

…or they’re frustrated that their income is capped by the number of people they can work with at one time…

You know there’s a better way to run a business.

In fact, there’s an income stream your clients can start implementing TODAY that will allow them to stop worrying about where their next dollar’s coming from, hop off that wild income rollercoaster & help them positively impact more lives–while having more fun!–than they ever thought possible.

And you’re going to show them how!

Start creating your new offer today.


Create a training that will help your clients:

All without saying a half-hearted yes to another client they can’t actually handle (and definitely won’t love delivering on).


And we make it easy for you to create the content your audience is craving with our done-for-you video script package.

Help your clients create a predictable Income & impact more people - without working more!

Rather then spinning your wheels for weeks or months, we want to empower you to create your next offer fast and sell it with ease. 

Simply download the content and record your training using the script. Brand the accompanying workbook and sell it using the sales page and social media posts that are included.

All you need to do is record it. Your VA can do the rest.


Why start from scratch? Just use this video script, customize it to your liking, and record your training.

You’ll have a new product ready to sell in days, if not hours. Here’s what the script covers:

We wrote your sales page for you so that selling your new offer gets to be copy/paste easy.

Opening your cart for sales is as simple as 1…2…3!

And you’re ready to sell.


This workbook has been designed in Canva and is ready for you to easily add your brand colors and images.

Include it with your video training, or just sell the workbook as a low-ticket product on your website. 

Just open the template in your free Canva account, change the colors, design, text, whatever your heart desires. Then export it as a PDF (which is easy to do in Canva with 2 simple clicks) and it’s ready for you to use with clients or sell!




Canva not for you? No problem!

We’ve included the workbook in a word document so you can take the content and use it however you like.

This workbook is packed with worksheets and checklists that you can design any way you want, with any software you prefer.

These social media posts make it quick & easy to share your new offer with your followers.

Posting to social shouldn’t take all day – so we’ve made this task as simple as copy, post, sell!

21 days of social posts? Done!

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Start creating your new offer today.

What’s included:

Get it all for only $97!

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Here's how you can make money using this content:

Start creating your new offer today.

Download this package for only $97!


Or join the VIP Club and get it all!

How much time, money, and freedom could you create if you had access to our entire product library of done-for-you courses, planners, printables, video scripts, and more?

Using our done-for-you content packages, you can be on your way to helping more people and making more cash than ever before without the stress and burnout that comes with creating all your content from scratch.

Isn’t it time you gave yourself the VIP treatment?

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