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14 Red Hot Tips for Making More Sales from Video Content

If you’ve been working online for a minute, you know video is kind of a big deal. Different stats abound, but according to Cisco, 82% of all Internet traffic is coming from video.

Which means? We’re all clearly addicted to video. (Who hasn’t lost an entire afternoon to cute cat videos, right?)

But the truth is, this addiction is actually a fantastic opportunity for marketers and coaches like you. Because if you love watching videos, odds are your ideal clients do, too!

So, how do you break through the noise, get seen and get clients from video content when there’s so much of it out there vying for our very-limited attention?

Below, you’ll find a quick breakdown of the top ways to get more sales via video:

Do Your Thing on TikTok

TikTok is the queen of short-form video. Most TikTok videos range from 5 to 120 seconds. And while the platform isn’t right for every business and every audience (most TikTok users are between 10-29 years old), if your audience is on TikTok, you need to be, too.

And if you thought you had to become a professional dancer or lip sync to weird audio tracks to make it, good news: there are tons of trends and fun types of content you can produce for TikTok–no ‘busting a move’ required.

So, what can you do on TikTok to clinch more sales as a coach?

1) Create buzz-worthy content. TikTok is all about trends, but the trick is turning what’s trending into content relevant to your niche. To find what’s trending, scroll through your For You Page and see what people are up to. (You’ll usually notice the latest trends within a few swipes!) If you’re interested in a particular trend, click the name of the sound and you’ll be able to scroll through all the videos using it. 

You can also dig deep into hashtags to see what type of content is gaining reach in your niche. What are other business coaches posting? How could that apply to your business, or how could you use your own knowledge to create a similar video? Once you’ve chosen a trend to customize to your niche, use it to tell your story, share tips and expertise or entertain in some way. (Funny content does really well on TikTok. Also, TikTok users really don’t resonate with overly slick or overly produced content, so don’t worry about needing to look–or dance!–perfectly.)

Of course, content is the backbone of any good TikTok strategy, but it’s just the beginning–and it won’t make sales all on its own. You also have to make sure your video content gets found and intrigues people enough to want to learn more and buy from you.

2) Use hashtags. Hashtags aren’t just an amazing way to figure out what to post, they also help you more easily ‘get found’ on the app. TikTok users are always looking to find ‘their side’ of TikTok (aka the content that resonates the most with them) and hashtags and searches can ensure they wind up there. Most experts suggest using just three to five hashtags per video. 

3) Pin a comment with a call-to-action on your videos. Created a video about email marketing tips? Pin a comment with a CTA to download your free email marketing lead magnet in the comments. It will show up first in your comments section, and you can include an actual, clickable link. This is an easy way to get highly-targeted leads on your email list.

4) You can also direct them to DM you instead. For example, you might write, “Ready to uplevel your email marketing? DM me for details on my next group coaching program, kicking off next month!”

5) Pitch a specific offer (or freebie) in your videos or encourage follows with a text overlay at the end of your video. For example: Create a video sharing your top three email marketing tips, then add a text overlay at the end of the video that says,”Follow me for tips about email marketing!” This ensures people interested in your content don’t slip away, never to find you again. 

6) Buff up your bio. Be sure to accurately and succinctly describe your brand in your bio–and add a call-to-action. If someone loves your videos, their next stop is usually your profile. Include a short one-liner about who you are and what you do so they know they’re in the right place. You can also add a call-to-action in your TikTok profile to boost sales.  Like Instagram, TikTok allows one URL in your profile (as well as a link to your Instagram profile, interestingly enough). Use this URL to promote your email list or a lower-end offer for a quick cash injection.

Bonus tip: Offer sales or discounts right from your bio, specifically for your TikTok viewers. You can offer a discount code, or create a TikTok-specific landing page with a special price or offer. Anything goes.

‘Reel’ In New Customers

Instagram Reels are short-form, pre-recorded videos that show up on Instagram profiles and feeds and can last up to 90 seconds. They’re very similar to TikTok videos, and some coaches repurpose their TikToks into Reels (and vice versa).

As a coach, it’s best to think about Reels as technique for growing your audience since anybody can see your Reels on their “Reels” tab (not just your Followers, like Stories or Feed). Reels are a fantastic way to showcase your expertise in short snippets and intrigue viewers enough to click over to your profile to learn more and become followers. And eventually, customers.

Here’s where to focus to get more sales on the ‘Gram:

1) Profile: If you’re creating content that’s attractive to your target audience, new people will check out your profile. Make sure you include a relevant call-to-action and utilize that “link in bio.” What are you currently promoting? What would you like to sell more of? Include that in your bio and see what sticks.

2) Add a CTA to your Reel caption. Reel captions can be just as long as post captions, and you can utilize them in a similar way. For example, you can add a P.S. to go to your link in bio at the end of your Reel caption that looks something like this: “P.S. Want more email marketing magic? Get 40 email marketing templates at the FREE link at in my bio!”

3) Add hashtags. Hashtags are also relevant for Reels and shouldn’t be overlooked. Well-crafted hashtags will help new audiences find you more quickly and easily–so don’t forget them.

Land More Hot Leads from YouTube

Last, let’s talk YouTube. 

Getting sales from YouTube–without ads–is all about the call-to-action. (Are you noticing a theme here?) As far as what to include in your CTA, it’s really up to you and your goals. You can switch them up every time you launch a new offer or run a promo, or you can lead viewers to the same URL to get them on your email list and nurture the relationship over time. Generally, you’ll still want to get viewers on your email list by enticing them with a freebie offer. Or, if you offer lower-cost products to complement your coaching and/or talk about specific lower-end products in your video, you can also link directly to a sales page.

There are multiple places you can post your CTA on your YouTube videos and channels.

Here are the best places to add a call-to-action on YouTube:

1) Channel Art: Don’t overlook this important part of YouTube real estate. Create an attractive channel cover graphic that includes a call to action to check out a specific URL. This can be a great place to promote your main opt-in, but you can also switch it up based on your current promotion.

2) Say it out loud in your video: Another often-overlooked way to inspire YouTube viewers to take action is to simply say your call-to-action and the URL out loud during the video. This means both the name of the offer and the URL need to be easy-to-understand and recall.

3) YouTube Cards: YouTube Cards are interactive boxes that you can configure to pop up during your videos. They can link to other YouTube videos, specific YouTube playlists or, if you’re part of the YouTube Partner Program, you can include cards with external links (like to your freebie or your sales page). If you’re not part of the program, you can create a video just for your freebie, for example, and include a card that links to the video.

4) Put it in your YouTube Description box: This is probably the easiest and arguably most effective way to get more sales from your channel. Be sure to include any resources you mentioned in the video in the description box, as well as any you didn’t (like, perhaps, your main freebie or opt-in). There are no limits to the number of links you can include in your description box, but be careful not to overwhelm your viewers with too many options or they might not take action at all. 

5) Pin your own comment: Since comments allow you to include a clickable link, you can always create a relevant comment and pin it so it shows up at the top of your comment feed. For example, “Love this video? Grab my FREE email marketing workshop here! >> URL”

So, what can you do to ensure the right people are seeing–and hopefully, buying from–your video content?

Not sure what to create videos about in the first place?

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