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26 Reasons Blogging Still Matters


Reluctant to start a blog? Think it can’t possibly be important in this age of social media and streaming video?

We definitely disagree. Blogging has been proven time and time again to be one of the best uses of your time and advertising budget. Here’s why:

  1. You own it. Unlike social media content, you have complete control over your blog. It cannot be taken away from you just because someone hits the “report profile” link, and you will never lose access to it.
  2. It’s flexible. Pictures, video, podcasting, infographics…there are dozens of ways to post to your blog, and in writing is only one of them. Have fun, your readers will love it.
  3. Free Traffic. We won’t say that “Google loves bloggers,” but we will say that search engines like relevant content that is frequently updated. Write good posts, and Google will like you, too.
  4. It’s a launching pad for bigger things.
    Want to write a book?
    Hit the road as a keynote speaker?
    Create a high-level coaching program?

    Your blog is a fantastic place to develop your ideas and get feedback from readers.
  5. Show off your smarts. Your blog is like an online resume. It gives you a chance to write about what you know, and gives readers the opportunity to get to know you a little better.
  6. It invites JV relationships. A well-written, established, and frequently updated blog will attract potential business partners.
  7. It’s useful for market research. Watch the comments on your posts. You’ll find frequently asked questions, opinions that hit a nerve, and even ideas for new products and programs.
  8. You’ll learn more about your subject. As you write your blog posts, you’ll learn more about your niche, what your market needs and wants, and the solutions available to them.
  9. It’s the cornerstone of your brand. Written in your voice, your blog shows off your personality like nothing else can. It will instantly attract the right readers, and even discourage those who aren’t a good fit.
  10. It will make you a better writer. Writing is still a critical skill for small business owners, and regular blogging helps strengthen those muscles.
  11. It creates a library of content you can use again and again. Dozens of books, coaching programs, membership sites and more have had their start as blog posts.
  12. SEO is important. Businesses who blog have far more inbound links than those who do not, and that’s important when it comes to your search engine rankings.
  13. More traffic = more email subscribers. Blogs attract more traffic than do static websites, and with more traffic comes a larger email list. And more email subscribers means more potential clients.
  14. You can monetize it. Multiple streams of income are critical for healthy cash flow, and blogs are easy to monetize with affiliate links, ads, and calls to action to your own products and services.
  15. It positions you as a go-to source. A blog filled with helpful content will quickly become a valuable resource for your market.
  16. It’s a low-cost marketing tool. For just a few dollars per month and a few hours of your time, you can create a powerful marketing platform that will continue to work for you for years to come.
  17. It builds trust. According to one study, more than 80% of consumers trust the information they read on blogs.
  18. It helps open your mind. Long-term bloggers will tell you that they see ideas for blog posts everywhere, and sometimes completely unrelated topics make the most interesting connections.
  19. It gives you audience insights. Your blog analytics will tell you exactly who is reading and resonating with your content.
  20. It’s a place to share your story. Creating a personal brand is dependent on your story, and your blog is the best place to share.
  21. It’s easy. With WordPress, you don’t have to be a designer or understand FTP or HTML or CSS. You just write and post. What could be easier?
  22. They can spark a viral movement. Whether your post is controversial, compelling, heartfelt, or just a great how-to, it can quickly spread through social sharing, getting your name and brand in front of more people.
  23. It’s a two-way conversation. Encourage comments and get to know your readers better.
  24. It will pre-qualify your prospective clients. Those who don’t resonate with your content will fade away, leaving only those who are a perfect fit.
  25. It narrows your focus. By forcing you to dig deep into your subjects, your blog will help you find your true focus.
  26. It’s an asset that improves with age. As your blog grows, you’ll find that traffic (and sales) grow with it.

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