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3 Proven Ways to Ramp Up Your Sales From Facebook

Wondering how to make more sales on Facebook as a coach?

We all know Facebook is easily the biggest and arguably most valuable social media network to ever exist.

If right now your Facebook profile is more a place to post your favorite memes than a place to actually make money, we get it. However, with 3 billion users you definitely don’t want to ignore this not-so-little social media powerhouse. 

The good news is Facebook provides tons of free tools for helping coaches just like you market your business. (They also provide a lot of paid tools, too–but that’s another post for another day.)

It’s basically a one-stop marketing shop, if you know how to use it. Here’s a look at our favorite ways to use Facebook to amp up your sales, stat:

1) Publish Quality Content on Your Personal and Business Profiles

Obviously, you should publish valuable content on your business profile page. That said, business pages don’t get nearly the reach they used to, so don’t overlook the power of your personal profile, either. Even if you’re not currently connected with ideal clients (or don’t think you are), you’d be surprised how many people in your current network either don’t know exactly what you do or would be happy to refer you to someone in their network who’s looking for what you provide.

In order to drive sales from your content, you’ll need to ensure its high-quality. Whether you’re inspiring conversation by asking questions or creating polls, sharing your expertise with informative how-tos, positioning yourself as a thought leader with polarizing content or building your brand by sharing your stories, compelling content is everything. Not only can you switch up what you post, you can also experiment with the way you deliver content. Do people respond more to your written posts? Or pre-recorded videos? Or maybe even Livestreams?

2) Go Where Your Ideal Clients Already Are

Spoiler alert: You don’t have to have a million Facebook followers to kill it in the sales department.

Instead, you can start (or grow) by leveraging existing audiences in others’ Facebook groups. Translation? Join Facebook groups full of your ideal clients. Use the search function to find groups you think your ideal clients might hang out in, and then show up and engage, engage, engage. Your goal should be to become a pillar and active member in these groups. This means you’ll want to respond to posts from the admin, connect with others by commenting on their posts and also share your own valuable content.

Whether you’re entertaining, teaching or just connecting by comment on others’ content, be a real person. Don’t just post and vanish. Instead, give people a sense of who you are and what you do.

And don’t forget to respond to people who are asking for help around your specific area of expertise. If they like your answer, they’ll probably pop over to your Profile and if they don’t, it’s possible other ‘lurkers’ in the group will. It won’t necessarily happen over night, but you ultimately want people in these groups to follow (or friend) you or your business page so they start seeing more of your content or reach out to you directly to learn more about your coaching. 

What should you share? Experiment with different types of content, like strategies, straight-up tips and brand-building or personality-revealing stories. 

3) Create Your Own Facebook Group

If you have the time, resources and energy, you can even create your own Facebook group. Imagine literally having all your ideal clients and warmest leads in one place! That’s what a Facebook group can be for you.

Here are a few ways to encourage sales from within your very own group:

Provide an incentive to join the group. You can offer special discounts to new members for a limited time

Offer special discounts and early bird options just for group members. Make your group members feel valued and special by providing them with offers and pricing that others won’t see (or won’t see until after them)

Run paid challenges or workshops and promote them in your group first. Give people in your group the option to ‘taste’ your coaching with low-cost (but still paid!) challenges or workshops, then offer an upsell to your higher-end coaching

Above all, you’ll make to make your group a fun, interactive and place to be, so that people stick around, get to know you and ultimately, feel confident enough buying from you. So be sure to make it fun (think: polls, memes, theme days, etc.), but also share your expertise in your group as well as encouraging interaction between members. All of this goodness combined will make your group ‘the place’ to be for your niche!

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