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3 Reasons Email Marketing Isn’t Working For You… And How To Fix It

CoachGlueBookCover_emailfollowupplanner-340wideDespite what you may have heard, read, or even experienced, email marketing is still one of the very best strategies for finding and landing new clients and customers.

Still, we hear from a lot of people who say it simply doesn’t work. And for some people it doesn’t. Here’s why…

1. Inconsistent Contact

We get it. You’re busy. But the number one killer of a great email-marketing plan is inconsistent mailing. When you don’t stay in touch with your audience they:

– Forget who you are
– Lose their trust in you
– Turn to others for information
– Become unresponsive to even your best offers

Of course we’re not saying you have to mail every day (although you can). But you do have to have a reasonable schedule that you stick to, week after week and month after month.

For some audiences, that might mean mailing three times per week. For others, once per week might be enough. What’s more important than frequency, though, is consistency. So pick a schedule and stick with it. Your audience (and your profit margin) will thank you.

2. Stressing Quantity Over Quality

Any time we see people discussing how well (or not) email marketing is working for them, it seems like the talk quickly turns to numbers. Specifically, the number of people on their mailing list.

While this can be a good judge of potential, it’s not the only indicator—and it may not even be the most important one. For us, a far better measurement is responsiveness. How well does your audience respond to your offers? What are your open, click through, and conversion rates?

You might have a list of 100,000 people, but if your open rate is in the single digits, email marketing won’t work as well for you as it will for someone with a tiny but highly responsive list.

So rather than striving to simply add more people to your list, make it a goal to add the right people to your list instead.

3. Right Offer, Wrong Time

Here’s an email issue we all struggle with: timing. You have a fantastic new high-end program you’re excited to promote, but most of your readers are new to you, and unwilling to invest several thousand dollars without knowing you better. Or you’ve found a wonderful training program for new coaches, but for many of your readers, it feels a bit too lightweight.

Obviously, your conversions will suffer in both of these scenarios, but there’s an easy fix. Proper segmenting and funnel planning will ensure that only those who are most likely to respond to your offer will see it.

Put the automation tools at your disposal to work for you to move people into and out of follow-up sequences based on their behavior, and you’ll see much better results from your email marketing efforts.

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