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4 Tips to Rock the Stage Like the Powerful, Confident Coach You Are

Your Keynote and Presentation Speech Planner-2As a coach, you’ve got lots of fabulous skills. You have the uncanny ability to break down complex ideas into actionable tasks. You encourage and support your clients when they’re feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed. You even roll up your sleeves and put in the hours behind the scenes of a product launch when you’re needed.

But the skill that really helps you reach new audiences and grow your business is the one most people find uncomfortable: speaking. It can be scary to get up on stage (even a virtual one, such as a live webinar) and speak to a crowd.

Here’s how to ramp up your speaking superpowers, and rock the stage like the powerful, confident coach you are!

1. Start Small

No one expects you to take the stage in front of 5,000 people when you’re first getting started. There’s plenty of time to work up to that. For right now, look for smaller audiences.

  • Host a webinar of your own (hopefully you’re already doing that).
  • Volunteer to speak at a local MeetUp or Chamber of Commerce event.
  • Lead a break-out session at your favorite biz conference.

These are all great ways to “get your feet wet” and build your confidence without putting too much pressure on yourself. Not only that, but these smaller, low-pressure gigs will help you hone your message and develop your unique voice.

2. Know Your Stuff

Of course, you already do, because you are a rock star! Seriously, though, the better you understand your subject—the more you teach it, study it, and even speak about it—the more confident you’ll be. You won’t get tongue tied; your palms won’t sweat; you won’t fumble with your notes and lose your place.

Instead, you’ll share your message with passion and confidence, because no one knows it better.

3. Know Your Audience

Every business—from the local farmer’s market to the big box electronics distributor—has a target audience, and yours is no different. When you know exactly who your market is, speaking to them becomes as easy as chatting with a friend.

Maybe more importantly, when you’re addressing the right audience, they’ll “get” you. It’s an intuitive connection that takes the stress out of speaking, even if you think you’ll never conquer your stage fright.

4. Be You

No one else shares your unique experiences and expertise. No one else shares your history and passions. Your ideal audience loves and admires you for who you are and how you relate to them, so don’t struggle to “fake it till you make it” –just be yourself, and you’ll be amazing!

And above all else, remember that few people are born speakers. We all start out nervous and we all fight our cold feet, but there are few things more invigorating than stepping onto the stage to share your message. And there are few things that will boost your coaching business in quite the same way.

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