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4 Ways to Automate Your Business Practices (and Alleviate Stress at the Same Time!)

How would you categorize your organization skills: everything has a place and your files are neat and orderly; or you fly by the seat of your pants and have been late with deadlines or appointments in the past? Be honest now…

Keeping all the aspects of your business organized, especially if you don’t have an assistant yet, can be challenging. And sweet talking clients into staying on board even though you let some things slip through the cracks can be stressful to say the least. In today’s world of technology, there’s truly no reason why you have to rely on your handwritten notes and your brain for important tasks.

So let’s get you organized and relieve some of your stress by bringing your office into the 21st century with new technology.

Why You Want Web-Based Apps or Programs

When it comes to technology, you can purchase web-based programs or you can purchase traditional software you download to your computer. There’s nothing wrong with traditional software but if you can use web-based programs, all the better, primarily because you can access those programs from anywhere in the world, from any device you choose.

For instance, if you’re traveling to a conference and a customer has a billing question but your laptop is in your room charging, you can still access your web-based billing program from your phone to answer your client’s questions. Likewise, if you have a downloaded piece of software on your laptop but all of a sudden you see the blue screen of death, instead of losing that work or having to run out to buy a new laptop pronto, you can access a web-based program via phone or borrowed laptop and continue working.

Programs You’ll Find Useful

    1. Client PortalsJigsawBox is an example of a coaching portal where you can upload multimedia resources, client session notes, ask your clients questions, and have your clients pay via the portal. Your clients each have their individual login credentials and they can login 24/7 from anywhere in the world to ask questions, pay their bill, or schedule their next call with you.
    2. Billing Systems – If your budget doesn’t allow for a private portal system yet, consider using a billing system like FreshBooks or 17Hats which have automated time tracking and billing systems, which produce professional-looking invoices with notes regarding the services rendered. You can also add payment options or discount percentages to these invoices. If you’re paying vendors or service providers, your billing invoices should look professional and contain your branding, both of which are possible with these two options.
    3. Autoresponders – Don’t lose touch with your clients! Using autoresponders allows you to send out newsletters, coaching openings, and helpful information your current and past clients will find useful. Our simple-to-use recommendation is Aweber but if you’re further along in your business and also have need for a shopping cart and affiliate management, then we highly recommend Infusionsoft.
    4. Online Appointment Scheduler – Your clients will thank you and you’ll wonder why you didn’t consider implementing this sooner. No more calls from clients at odd hours or at the last minute trying to book or cancel appointments. No more emailing back and forth trying to find compatible dates. Using programs like Acuity or takes the hassle out of booking appointments for both you and your clients.


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