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Do your clients ever wonder how in the world all those other entrepreneurs “get it all done” (and then some)?

If they’ve ever marveled in awe at entrepreneurs who run massive, 6-7 figure empires and yet somehow also manage to indulge in avocado toast on a gorgeous patio in the middle of a random Tuesday and wondered why they got the “Superhuman” gene and they didn’t…keep reading.

  • They’re the boss (They’re also the bookkeeper, the social media manager, the certified coach and the copywriter, but who’s counting?)
  • They do all the marketing, emailing, admin work and scheduling that needs to be done every day and it stops them from making progress in other areas of their business (and life).
  • They spend just as much time invoicing and managing clients (or chasing down clients who don’t pay their invoices) as they do actually coaching them.
  • They always want to do things to make their clients’ happier – like follow-up with the superstars they haven’t heard from in a while, or make sure they send a delectable wrap-up gift to every person they work with–but they forget or put it off indefinitely.
  • They know there are easier ways to do the things they need to do in their business each week (who has the time–or the will–to repurpose content 300 different ways and still be an awesome coach?), but they simply don’t know how.


Using this package, you’ll teach your clients exactly how to to stay in their Zone of Genius so that they have plenty of time, creativity and space to work on the goals and projects that’ll move their business forward!

Just use this video script, customize it to your liking, and record your training. 

You’ll have a new product ready to sell in days, if not hours. Here’s what the script covers:

  • Step 1: Making The Decision: To Automate or Delegate?
  • Step 2: Get Leads in the Door with Ease (While You Do Other Things!)
  • Step 3: Master “Automatic” Marketing to Nurture New Prospects Without Working 24/7
  • Step 4: Simple Scheduling Systems to Make Signing New Clients a Breeze
  • Step 5: Process Payments and Balance Your Books–Automagically
  • Step 6: Keep Clients Happy with a Smooth & Seamless Client Experience
  • Step 7: Nurture Customers Old and New–Without Lifting a Finger


This workbook has been designed in Canva and is ready for you to easily add your brand colors and images.

Include it with your video training, or just sell the workbook as a low-ticket product on your website.

Just open the template in your free Canva account, change the colors, design, text, whatever your heart desires. Then export it as a PDF (which is easy to do in Canva with 2 simple clicks) and it’s ready for you to use with clients or sell!


Canva not for you? No problem!

We’ve included the workbook in a word document so you can take the content and use it however you like.

This workbook is packed with worksheets and checklists that you can design any way you want, with any software you prefer.

These social media posts make it quick & easy to share your new offer with your followers.

Posting to social shouldn’t take all day – so we’ve made this task as simple as copy, post, sell!

  • Open the document we give you and customize the captions however you like.
  • Find pretty on brand templates in Canva for free.
  • Upload your images and copy/paste your captions into your favorite social media scheduling tool.


We wrote your sales page for you so that selling your new offer gets to be copy/paste easy.

Opening your cart for sales is as simple as 1…2…3!

And you’re ready to sell.


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Here’s how you can make money using this content:

  • Record a video or webinar using the script and then package it up with the workbook and sell it on your website.
  • Sell the workbook alone as a low-ticket digital product on your website or in your funnel.
  • If you’re camera shy, record an audio using the script and package it up with the workbook for sale.
  • Record the content as a bonus training for one of your other courses or programs.
  • Use the content to create a new training for your membership program.
  • Increase your sales by selling the workbook as an upsell or cart bump offer.
  • Been invited to teach at an online summit or event? Use the content to create your new training.
  • Use the video script as the outline for a new book.
  • Sell the workbook as a digital product on etsy (the pdf version as always).
  • Use the content to create a VIP day around the topic of this package, and give your clients a copy of the workbook.
  • Want to create a product or course on a similar topic from scratch? Use the sales copy from this package to help you sell your own custom offer.