Coaching is a Waste of Time, Unless

Today we have a guest post from one of our favorite business minds in online business. We loved this email so we wanted to share it with you.

What are your thoughts?

Can you coach anyone? Or do they really have to have some skin in the game?

Coaching is a Waste of Time If…

by Terry Dean,  The Internet Lifestyle Mentor

Terry Dean

Every week I get emails that ask me if I’d be willing to offer coaching for a share of the profits.

The story changes from one email to the next, but it always comes back to why they can’t afford coaching right now…but they know it would make them immediately successful.

My answer is always ‘No.’

I did a few of those deals almost a decade ago. They NEVER worked out…not even once.

Coaching is NOT a cure-all. It doesn’t equal instant success.

I know there are a few coaches out there who present themselves as the masters of the universe who can turn anything around with their mystical abilities, but I’m not that guy.

NO ONE else can take you where you need to go in your life.

Your success is up to you.

Not your teacher…  not your spouse… and not your coach.

A coach help give you focus.

A coach can give you direction.

A coach can even share step-by-step systems that have worked for them and for others.

But your success will always be based on your action and attitude.

No one else can hand it to you. No one else can do it all for you.

You have talents, skills, and experience of your own.

The reason you hire a coach is to bring out the best of YOUR abilities.

Think about sports. All winning athletes have coaches, but they’re often more talented than their coach.

The coach is adding the benefit of their years of experience along with honing the natural talents the athlete brings to the table.

It takes both action and a winning attitude.

Why? A coach can help you navigate around some of the roadblocks, but they can’t remove them all.

You’re going to face trials and opportunities to give up.

Let’s take a boxer. They’re going to get hit. It doesn’t matter how fast they are, how hard they’ve trained, or how much coaching they’ve had.

They’re going to get hit…a lot. They’re going to get knocked down.

How many times will they get back up?

That takes determination. It takes stick-to-itiveness.

Others can motivate you, but nobody can put the heart of a lion inside you. That’s your choice.

It’s an attitude where you just won’t give up no matter what.

As an entrepreneur you’re going to get hit.

  • A project may flop.
  • Ads will fail.
  • Your competition might hit you with a haymaker when you least expected it.

But none of that matters.

You’ve made a decision.

The beauty of being an entrepreneur is we aren’t limited to 12 round bouts. The match doesn’t end and a winner is decided.

We keep fighting till we win.

You may change your strategy and game plan, but giving up is not an option.

When is coaching worthless?

When you’re not ready to take massive action and back it up with unrelenting determination.

You have to be in a position where you’re ready to grow and become the best YOU possible.

The sad reality is most people aren’t ready to be coached yet.

That’s why none of those partnership coaching deals worked for me in the past. With no investment, they ran from the gym as soon as they took a punch.

The only time I provide coaching based on a partnership is with one of my long-term clients and friends. They’ve already proven they can take hits, get knocked down, and keep coming back for more.

They already earned their scars on the entrepreneurial battleground.

Are you ready to be coached…to reach greater heights and master your skills?

If so, you can check out my waiting list by clicking here.

Soon I will likely put an even tougher qualification process in place for new clients.

My goal is to see you succeed…and that means giving you the harsh truths along with the exciting nuggets.

Not everyone has what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

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Your Marketing Coach,
Terry Dean
“The Internet Lifestyle Mentor”
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So what do you think?

Can you anyone be successful as your coaching client? Or do you seriously screen people before they sign on the dotted line to avoid those who won’t take action?

We look forward to the discussion.

Nicole Dean & Melissa Ingold

4 Responses to “Coaching is a Waste of Time, Unless”

  1. Great article Terry.

    So many want the instant fix because they are so used to seeing the ‘overnight’ successes. What they usually don’t see is the hours of hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

    Most don’t recognize the role of the coach as that of helping them determine their goals, developing their actions plans and then holding them accountable to achieving what they said they were going to do.

  2. Hi Terry,

    I am a Freelance writer and coach and just found your post through Social Buzz Club.

    The first thing I tell my clients is that I can’t do the job for them, I can only help them understand a few things they have a hard time with, and lead them on the right path, but I can’t walk the path for them.

    Usually, when I coach someone I know, for free, it doesn’t work either. They don’t take the steps I tell them to, and they are expecting miracle.

  3. Wow! As I was reading this post I felt like I was reading my own words! I wish all coaches were as honest and upfront as you. I think it is so sad when a person struggling to save their business invests in a coach, (especially the ones that promise miracles) sacrificing budgets and so many other things and they don’t realize that the focal point of their success is themselves. I have never invested in a coach and if I ever decide to, it will definitely be with one that thinks like you!

  4. Hi Terry,
    This is a fantastic post about coaching. I can completely relate to this post having gone through similar situations. Thank you for sharing.

    It is really frustrating when people come to you for coaching only for you to find out later that they were not ready to take action or stay committed. It frustrates the coach and the person being coached – both. Why? Because it never works.

    Unless a person is really having the courage and discipline to stand behind their commitment to follow their coach, probably they shouldn’t even seek coaching. It is a complete waste of time and money.