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How to Completely Customize our New Client Kit in Seconds.

Last week we released a package of 17 forms and letters called “New Client Kit” and it was a huge success.

But some of you were unsure about grabbing it because the forms didn’t match your look – or (heaven forbid) you got it with the sole intent of re-creating the forms to match your site which is way too much work.

YOUR brand matters to us. Here’s the fix to change the look of the forms to match your brand in just seconds.



If you have not yet gotten the New Client Kit, here’s what’s included:

  1. Welcome Letter: This welcome letter can be sent via email or postal mail as part of a Welcome package.
  2. Payment Arrangements Form: This is a form detailing the agreement for a set payment schedule.
  3. Client Invoice: This spells out the payment schedule and how money is collected.
  4. Coaching Success Guidelines: This document entails the guidelines governing your sessions.
  5. Coaching Agreement: This is an agreement verifying the expectations for both you and your client during your sessions.
  6. Intake Form: This form will provide you with all the relevant information to get a rudimentary picture of your client before the first meeting.
  7. Ongoing Precall Form: This is tool that can be used by the client to evaluate herself before each coaching session, and give you an idea before your call of what is important to discuss.
  8. Client Call Notes:  Customize and use this form to jot down notes from your client coaching sessions.
  9. Monthly Review Form: Your client can use this form to review her month at a glance.
  10. Business Goals Worksheet: What does your client hope to accomplish with their business? This worksheet offers an accountability tool for you and your client to turn goals into actions.
  11. How Coaching Works: This document will help your client to understand your coaching style and expectations.
  12. Code of Ethics: Your promise to your client so she feels comfortable and confident in working with you.
  13. Confidentiality Agreement: This is an agreement verifying the confidential nature of the relationship for both you and your client.
  14. How to Hold Me Accountable: Since everyone’s motivations are different, your client can use this form to tell you how to respond in certain situations.
  15. How to Prepare for a Coaching Session: Your client will use this form to help her prepare for your coaching session.
  16. My Coaching History Form: This form will provide you details about your client’s coaching history.
  17. Referral Request: This referral request can be customized and emailed to your client when you have space open to accept new clients.

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