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3 Ways to Ensure Your Entrepreneurial Success


We all arrive at business ownership from a different place. For some, it’s a necessity born from desperation—a broken marriage, an economic disaster, a health crisis. For others, it’s dreaming of the freedom to travel or spend more time with the kids. And for no small number of successful business owners, it’s simply realizing that your corporate job will never make your heart smile.

No matter where we are on the spectrum of would-be business owners, though, three things will help ensure your success:

  • Emotional support from family and friends
  • Unshakeable confidence in yourself
  • A passion for your tribe

There Will Be Bad Days

No matter how passionate you are, no matter how committed and upbeat, there will always be bad days. You will be overwhelmed. You will feel like a failure. You’ll miss an important appointment or blow $400 on a Facebook ad that fails to convert or simply struggle to write an email.

Whatever the case, the only thing that will make those bad days less bad is the support of your family and friends.

When you know someone believes in you, that they’ll gladly lend an ear (or a hand) to help you through a crisis, it’s easier to get up and face each day.

Now, it’s true that many new business owners do not have the unquestioned support of their family. After all, you may be bucking the norm and that can be scary for those who don’t feel the need to build a business. If you feel you do not have the support of your family, don’t give up. Instead, seek out like-minded business owners who understand what you’re going through and who will welcome and support you when your friends cannot.

Be Your Own Best Cheerleader

You know you’ve got what it takes to be successful. Believe it. Believe it when you haven’t landed a new client in a month. Believe it when you accidentally send out an email with a broken link. Believe it even when 7 people show up for your webinar.

Love Your Audience

There’s one thing all successful coaches have in common, and that’s a true love for their market. They’re passionate about the success of their tribe, and that’s what keeps them going on the bad days when they struggle and want to quit, when the support of friends is nowhere to be found, and even when their own belief starts to crumble.

It’s your passion for your market that will help you design and develop the products and coaching programs they need, just when they need it, and that will ultimately lead to your success.

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