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Attract Your Target Audience with Evergreen Webinars

How’s your sales funnel working for you? A sales funnel is a way to grab people’s attention and get them onto your email list and then make different offers which bring them further toward your higher-priced coaching offers or signature classes. Think of the shape of a funnel you use to put oil in your car; it’s wide at the top and very narrow at the bottom. Your sales funnel should attract a lot of people (at the top of the funnel) and as you make offers, some people will drop out along the way until you’re left with a smaller but more interested audience who is willing to buy from you. This is your target audience.

What have you given away as an opt-in offer or freebie? The most popular ideas are ebooks, checklists, and sample chapters of published books but you’re only limited by the scope of your creativity. However, if your opt-in offer isn’t popular or you’ve tried multiple giveaways with lukewarm results, consider adding a multimedia aspect to your opt-in, such as access to an evergreen webinar.

People love webinars. It’s a way to learn something new but also a way to connect with your audience on a more intimate level. They put a face and voice to your name and you become a real person, as opposed to just a random name on a social media post. If you are careful to give actionable tips throughout the webinar, you also gain your audience’s trust, which brings them closer to buying from you.

What Is an Evergreen Webinar?

In a nutshell, an evergreen webinar is a pre-recorded webinar on a specific topic that doesn’t get outdated. For instance, giving a webinar about How a Business Coach Can Breathe Life Back Into Your Business is evergreen because the definition and job description of a business coach isn’t likely to change over time. If you record this webinar, you now have a video that you can share with multiple audiences multiple times a year. Give them this hook to bring them into your funnel and then make an offer at the end of the webinar to bring them down to the next level of your funnel.

Is it Ethical to Use Pre-Recorded Webinars In Business?

Absolutely, especially if you don’t outright lie to your audience about it being live. Remember, building trust is part of building a healthy business relationship. Would you trust someone who was dishonest? You don’t need to announce that it’s a recording but if attendees ask, be forthright. Or call it something fancier, like On-Demand Streaming Webinar. Another option is to produce a hybrid webinar, which means you’re on the webinar live for the beginning and end portion while the main presentation is recorded.

Your First Step to Producing an Evergreen Webinar

The key to a successful and profitable evergreen webinar is in the planning and lucky for you, we’ve got a brand new Evergreen Webinar Planner to help you keep all your ideas and information organized. Our planner guides you each step of the way, from conception to production, and even has suggestions on the technical software you’ll need to complete this project. Yes, there’s work to be done but you’ll be able to use this evergreen webinar to generate new leads for your business for years to come.

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