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How to Overcome the Fear of Marketing Your Book

You’ve spent countless hours writing your book, sent it to an editor, made changes to the text and have finally finished the self-publishing process. Now it’s time to market your book and make some sales! Your many months of tireless work is now sitting in your hands (and possibly all over your home in boxes) but you’re frozen in place, not knowing what to do next.

Now what?

Many coaches have this common fear of not knowing the next steps or convincing themselves that they’re no good at sales. Building relationships, yes; selling, no. They may write a blog post, inform their email list, and talk about it a little on social media but if the sales don’t happen right away, they get discouraged and start to doubt their own abilities, which may impact their effectiveness as a coach.

Don’t fall into this downward spiral. You wrote a book because you have clients who pay you for your expertise and perspective. You wrote a book to reach more people with the same problems as your current clients. YOU have the answers to your clients’ problems.

Most importantly, from a business sense, the time you spent writing and publishing your book should be worth something to you. Every business owner wants to know the ROI of a task and writing your book should be no different. Your time is valuable and what a waste it would be if you didn’t recoup your time investment because you were afraid to market your book. So let’s look at some ways you can overcome this fear of marketing your book.

Start with Your Tribe

If you have consistent clients, then you have a tribe who follows you and values your expertise. Keep building the relationship with this group, be accessible to them, and don’t be afraid to tell them (or remind them) about your book. If they already know, like, and trust you, they are likely to purchase from you. Your tribe can also send encouragement via social media and online book reviews to boost your confidence.

Ignore the Internet Trolls

No, you will not please everyone so don’t be surprised if you get some nasty or rude social media comments regarding your book. The key is to recognize a legitimate complaint from a real person versus a troll spreading evil words just to cause drama. Respond to the real person and ignore the troll. If you have a customer service desk or assistant, allow them to deal with these complaints so the negativity doesn’t drain your confidence.

Create a Book Marketing Plan

While you don’t want to hammer people with your marketing message, you want to have a consistent plan for marketing your book. You’ve heard that it takes up to 7 exposures before someone buys a product, right? That means someone outside your tribe will need up to 7 reminders before they’re convinced to buy.

If you need help with your book marketing plan, we have a kit that teaches you 7 Ways to Market Your Self-Published Book. We’ve done all the research and analysis for you. All you have to do is choose which of the 7 marketing paths you want to pursue and follow the blueprints.

As an extra bonus, after you successfully market your own book and make sales, you can edit these plans, put your name on them, and teach these lessons to your audience as a group workshop, multi-part webinar or at home training. Use your own experience as a case study or find others who struggled with book marketing and interview them as an added bonus to your customers.

One other thing to remember…even authors who have traditional book publishers are responsible for their own marketing. A marketing agent is a thing of the past or is reserved for only the most popular authors. The great thing is once you have an action plan and you start marketing your book, it will become easier. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and make some sales!

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