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Every week we get people in our help desk asking if we serve other types of coaches.

The answer is that we pretty much stick with business topics and personal development related to entrepreneurs – like money mindset and abundance or self-care journals.

However, we do have others who we recommend who dig deeper into other topics.

Here are our recommendations.

Personal Development Content.

Beautiful printables, affirmations, audios, and more in the personal development area: Click here for some free credits.

Personal development content. Blog posts, assessments, and social media posts: Click here to see all available packages.

Health Content.

Our friends Tracy & Susanne have created several really great packages on health. Click here to check those out.

Inspiring and Fun Coloring Pages that You Can Sell or Use in your Business.

You’ll find all kinds of coloring pages from the uses of essential oils to travel that you can sell or use in your business. Click here to check those out.