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How much of a difference would $1000 per month in recurring income make to you?

Would it pay your mortgage?
Fund a vacation?
Beef up your savings?

And would it help you…

Breathe easier?
Worry less?
Enjoy yourself more?

That’s the dream though isn’t it? Something for “someday” when you have more time, more energy, more money.

But NO more! If you reach + serve other businesses, and you’re so ready to ditch the excuses and finally create a monthly program – we can help!

Let’s break it all down shall we…

So, if you have a $1000/month goal, that means you would need 11 people paying you $97/month. We know! Totally doable, right?

Hmm…but what kind of a program can you create?

Here’s an idea!

  • What if you put together a mastermind that included a private Facebook group.
  • Then, each month you lead your group through a challenge that would help them grow their business.
  • And between challenges, your FB group is available for additional support.
  • But…then you also provide an opportunity for those in your group to upgrade to work with you 1:1.

Now, let’s talk about your program content, because that tends to be the hard part – especially since you would have to create it every single month.

When you download our FREE done-for-you “Teach Your Tribe” package on this page you’ll get EVERYTHING you need to take the above idea and run with it immediately. Let’s walk through the HOW…

Your Challenge Content:

Included in every teach your tribe package is a step-by-step training script (and powerpoint slides) on a business related topic, so here’s how you use this:

  1. Print off the script and get out your pen.
  2. Go through the content and make a note of where you’d like to add a personal story, a resource, a case study, an example, etc.
  3. Then, based on the number of steps in the script, that will be how many days your challenge will run for. So if there are 7 steps, you’ll create a 7 day challenge.
  4. Next, you will either do a Facebook live for each step, or a record a video and post it to the group.
  5. At the end of your training for each step, you will assign your members some work. For instance, if you’re teaching them how to get 3 new clients this month, and you just taught them how to pre-qualify potential clients – you could have them create their free call application.
  6. Then your members can ask for feedback on their assignment, share their wins, results, and more in the group.
  7. And then if you really want to take it to the next level, invite them to signup for a 1:1 VIP day with you to dive even deeper into the topic and get your personal help.

Handouts to Engage Your Clients:

To help you increase the value of your program for your clients, and to help them get results from your training, we also give you all of these templates based on the topic of the script:

  • Worksheets
  • 4 Week Done-for-You Calendar
  • Action Checklists
  • Resource Directory with Links to Tools & Resources (this can be monetized with your affiliate links or links to your other products/programs)

Create Buzz & Get More Clients: 

Because we want to help you grow your program month-after-month, we’ve also included this:

The “21 Ideas Blueprint” is best used to create buzz about your upcoming training.

For example, let’s say your next training is about raising your rates, and you know that raising your rates is never just about asking for more money or hiking a fee. It’s all about moving to the next level of your business at the right time, with everyone feeling good about it. So the “21 Ideas Blueprint” would include 21 ways to help your clients get to that step naturally and easily:

  • You take these ideas and you start sharing them on social media with a call-to-action to join your program to get in on the “Raising Your Rates Challenge”.
  • You do a little Facebook live on your page about one of the ideas and invite them to jump into your program.
  • You write and send a few emails sharing more of the ideas and again, invite them to join your program.

Awesome, right?

How to Make More Money from Your Work:

ALL of the content in our teach your tribe packages is already created for you. You just have to show up, teach it, and sell it. But we wanted to share some ways that you can make even more with this content:

  • Package up all of the content and your recordings up into an individual product that you sell at a higher price. For instance, if you charge $97/month for your membership, sell the recordings of your training with the handouts for $197 and promote it to your list. BUT…invite them to join your program for just $97/month and they’ll get instant access to that training, or they can pay the non-member price of $197.
  • Grow your list and get new members by creating an opt-in that gives away one day of your challenge. Then invite people to sign up for it, and run Facebook ads. After people sign up for it, present an upsell offer that invites them to join your program on a trial basis for the first month. You could offer a $7 first month, and then $97 month after so that people can get in and see how awesome your program is.
  • Create an upsell offer. When someone clicks to sign up for your monthly program give them the opportunity to add the recordings and content from a  previous challenge to their order.
  • Create a backend offer from one of your previous challenges. So after someone signs up for your monthly program and gets to the thank you page, give them the opportunity to buy one of you previous challenges that they won’t find anywhere else.
  • Create a “lite” low-cost version of your training by selling just the templates, and then upsell them to the full training program.
  • Build a coaching program from your trainings by selling them with 1:1 email/phone support from you, or by creating a VIP day.

Ready to create your own recurring income stream?

Download Your FREE “7 Ways to Add More Subscribers to Your List this Month” Teach Your Tribe Package and Create Your First Training Today!