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6 Steps to Preparing for a Successful Podcast Interview

If you’ve ever taken a recent glimpse through the iTunes podcast section, you’ll know immediately that podcasts are HOT, which means it’s a hot marketing tool for your coaching business, books, and other products.

But if you’re someone who shies away from interviews or who is more introverted and feels most comfortable with your clients in a one-to-one setting, there are ways to overcome that anxiety and prepare yourself for a successful podcast interview.

  1. Be Yourself.

Even though you want to sound upbeat and energetic, there’s a difference between being happy to talk about your business and sounding fake. People will see right through fake so simply put a smile on your face and talk about what you love, your business.

  1. Pretend You’re Speaking to Your Best Friend.

Podcast interviews are generally one-on-one but let’s face it, interviews can still be daunting if you’re not used to this platform. Don’t think of the thousands of potential listeners who will hear you; instead, focus on the podcast host or pretend you’re speaking to your best friend. If necessary, put a photo of your best friend by your computer and look there if the nerves start to bother you.

  1. Ask for Questions Ahead of Time.

Some podcast hosts will send a list of questions or talking points they want to cover while others aim for a more organic, let’s-see-what-happens type of interview. Even if hosts don’t send a question lineup, they should be willing to tell you what topics they want to cover. Or you can supply the hosts with your own talking points and titles of your products for their reference.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect.

Ask your family or colleagues to help you prepare by asking you questions. Even if they are ridiculous and funny, that will give you practice for thinking up an answer quickly in case the podcast host asks something unexpected.

  1. Double Check Your Facts and Figures.

If you’re relying on statistics, historical facts, or basically anything that can be fact-checked as part of your interview, quickly double check that your stats are correct before you are faced with a savvy host who contradicts your theories.

  1. Keep Notes Handy.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with keeping a list of bullet points, statistics, or reference names by your side during the interview for a quick reference. You can also jot down anything the host says that you want to revisit later in the interview.

How to Find Podcast Interview Opportunities

Being prepared for a podcast interview is one thing but actually finding the opportunities is an entirely different game. If you’re a believer in podcasting as a marketing tool and want to teach your clients how to find these opportunities, don’t miss our Teach Your Tribe Workshop: 7 Steps to Help Get You Featured on Hot Podcasts.

This kit features a full script that you can customize for a webinar, group coaching program, or teleclass. You’ll also receive other tools and templates to keep you organized in your podcast search.

Learn more here.

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