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The Money Block That’s Holding You Back (And How to Fix It)

If there’s one thing women entrepreneurs struggle with more than our male counterparts, it’s money.

Maybe you spend too much (or think you do). Or maybe you don’t save enough (or anything at all). These deeply rooted money issues can have a profound effect on your business growth, but there’s one that is far, far worse, and almost all women suffer from it:

Undervaluing your knowledge and expertise.

For creative women entrepreneurs, this is the one thing that prevents them from:

  • Reaching their full earning potential
  • Designing the lifestyle they really desire
  • Working reasonable hours (you know what I’m talking about here)
  • Connecting with their ideal clients

When you fail to see your true worth as a coach or service provider, you set yourself up for failure. You run the risk of becoming so overwhelmed with the sheer volume of work you have to do just to pay the bills that you burn out quickly. Or worse, your self-confidence suffers thanks to that internal voice that’s oh-so-good at reminding you how little your skills are worth. You know the one. It keeps you up at night trying to convince you to just get a job already.

It’s time to silence that voice once and for all.

Get Comfortable Asking for the Sale

Very few people are born salesmen (or women). We let our fear of rejection get in the way of our confidence. And let’s face it, wishy-washy, unenthusiastic sales pitches don’t produce results.

When you’re uncomfortable asking for the sale, you:

  • Lower your voice
  • Stumble over your words
  • Fill the silence (generally with a lower priced offer)
  • Apologize and make excuses for your “high” rates

None of that instills confidence in your prospective client. Here’s how to fix it:


That’s it. Yes, it sounds simplistic, but trust me, it works. Practice clearly stating your price and the benefits of working with you. Practice answering objections. Practice letting the silence play out. The more you practice, the more confident you will become, and that will shine through in every call you have with a potential client.

Build a Brand That’s Uniquely You

But what if you really don’t feel you’re worth more money? Maybe you feel like just another “me too” coach, or that you have nothing special to offer that can’t be found elsewhere… and for less.

The answer to that is to simply be your own awesome self. Stop trying to replicate another coach’s look or style and instead build a brand that lets people know at first glance who you are.

While there are many hundreds—or maybe thousands—of people who can teach others how to set up a sales funnel or create a membership site or overcome their money issues, there is only one you. And for a unique subset of people looking for a solution to their problem, you are the only one who can teach them.

The key is to reach those people, and having a unique brand makes that easier. Not only that, but your beautiful, consistent branding makes charging what you’re worth easier as well. After all, would you expect Marie Forleo or Carrie Wilkerson to undervalue their worth?

Do Your Clients Suffer from Money Mindset Issues, Too?

If you reach women entrepreneurs, we’re betting they do, and our newest done-for-you workshop can help. We’ve done all the heavy lifting and created a complete training program you can rebrand and sell to your audience. It includes:

  • 4 modules of step-by-step training
  • A free webinar script to sell the workshop
  • Complete slide deck
  • Handouts for your buyers
  • Marketing materials (sales page, blog posts, emails and more)

It’s everything you need to help your clients—or even you—overcome those money blocks and build a healthy money mindset so they can finally start earning what they’re worth.

Check out Money Mindset right here.

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