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We know summer is a super-busy time, so we want to make it really easy for you to make some money this June.

Rather than skipping a day of mailing so you can go to the beach – (or worse yet, skip the beach so you can mail!) let two awesome copywriters (Nicole & Melissa) do the work for you.

(Value? No idea. We’re not for hire.)



Reasons why you NEED to read this page.

1. It’s Payback time.

If you’re seeing this secret page, Melissa and I have probably promoted YOU in the past. (It’s payback time iff’n you want us to keep promoting you. Just sayin’.) 😉  (Psst. Connie Green, this one does not apply to you who has been ever supportive! xoxoxo)

2. Cookies, schmookies.

We use Amember – and our customers LOG IN to buy over and over and over again. This means you’re not just getting lifetime cookies (which can be overwritten or wiped when people switch computers or buy from their phones) but you’re getting tagged to your referrals FOR LIFE.

3. “Repeat sales” is our middle name.

Our customers buy EVERYTHING that we release. (Seriously. Everything.) They log in to get their content and buy again – and again.

4. Recurring Revenue is Sexy.

The backend is our monthly program – which is pretty freaking sweet, if you haven’t seen it yet.

5. Yes, You Get Paid Monthly.

We pay on time, every time. (Only exception. The “stinker clause” applies. So, if there is anything suspicious we may hold the payment for up to 45 days. This is extremely rare and has only been done in extreme cases where we were targeted with credit card fraud.)

6. We are having a contest during June for extra prizes.

See below to find out what you can win!

7. Guest Blog Posts are Available.

Just send us 3-5 questions and we’ll answer them in a guest blog post that you can use to promote – and earn.

What Can You Earn / Win?

“Everyone Can Win” Prizes

For every $50 in commissions you earn, you will also receive a gift card to for the equivalent amount.

  • Earn an $80 commission payment? You also get a $50 Amazon gift card!
  • Earn a $420 commission payment? You also get a $400 Amazon gift card!
  • Earn a $700 commission payment? You also get a $700 Amazon gift card!

“For the Competitive Types” Prizes

Our top 10 sellers will also earn cold hard cashola and prizes.

  • First Place = iPad Mini (wifi 16GB) PLUS $100 cashola
  • Second & Third Place = iPad Mini (wifi 16GB)
  • Fourth & Fifth Place = $200
  • Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Place = $100
  • Ninth & Tenth Place = $50

Yes, we will publish the leaderboard so you know who you’re beating! 🙂

What to Promote?

We have three funnels that are working well.

1. Our Free PLR Offer for 4 Awesome PLR Reports.

You can see this at

There is a OTO in the process that is optional, that is a recurring offer. Otherwise, they’ll have the option to buy our new products as they are released.

2. Our “Instant Expert Templates Package” (which is basically PLR but we don’t call it that for this market as we reach coaches instead of marketers).

You can see our current package here:

It includes…

  • Step-by-Step Tutorial to Train Yourself and Become an Instant Expert (14-pages, 3261 words)
  • 24 PowerPoint Slides Created from the Step-by-Step Tutorial to use for Your Presentations, Videos, and Webinars
  • Worksheet Handout for Your Clients & Guests (7-pages, 802 words)
  • 2 Week Done-for-You Business Planning & Marketing Calendar (4-pages, 1006words)
  • Checklist for Your Clients & Guests (6-pages, 628 words)
  • Resource Directory with links to Tools & Resources You Can Monetize with Your Affiliate Links (16-pages, 1820 words)
  • 21 Ideas Blueprint to Get More Exposure, Visibility, and Credibility through Podcasting (8-pages, 1390 words)
  • 22 PowerPoint Slides Created from the 21 Ideas Blueprint to use for Your Presentations, Videos, and Webinars

3. Get a Coupon for Individual Products.

A third option is to choose a product that you think your market will love and get a coupon from us to apply to that product.

Here is what we currently have (and we’re adding a bunch more this month).

Just let us know which product you’d like to tell your people about and we’ll make a coupon for you.

How to Promote?well-write-for-you

If you would like to promote and aren’t already an affiliate, just sign up for either the free report on this page: or the free PLR at this page (there is an oto on the way through, but not required). I just need to get you into the system one of those ways.

Once in, you can become an affiliate with one click – or contact us and we’ll set you up. All we need to know is where to send the paypal moola and we’ll do the rest.

And, finally, YES, we will write your email for you (or a guest blog post) so that you can chill on the beach. Just let me know what angle you want, what tone, if you want a coupon, and what landing page and it’s done.

What else can we do for you? Just say the word.

Weekend Leaderboard.

The winner of our JV weekend contest for June 21 – June 23 is: Ronnie Nijmeh!

Monthly Leaderboard.

Updated Saturday, June 28th @ 11:30am EST. Note! EVERYONE on this list has earned Amazon gift cards!

  1. Justin Popovic
  2. Ronnie Nijmeh
  3. Kelly McCausey
  4. Dennis Becker
  5. David Perdew
  6. Angela Wills
  7. Connie Green
  8. Sharyn Sheldon
  9. Rachel Rofe
  10. Jeanette Cates

Our Contact Info.

If you want to mail and need anything, you can grab us quick.

Nicole – Skype nicoledean.aka.nik | Yahoo IM littlemamanik | Email [email protected]

Melissa -Skype melissa_ingold | Yahoo IM melissa_ingold

Who Else Promotes Us?

Connie Green, Ronnie Nijmeh, Jimmy D. Brown, David Perdew, Tawnya Sutherland, Alice Seba, Paul Evans, Kelly McCausey, Jeanette Cates and tons more great people!


Top Affiliates are Always Appreciated.  And, we can BRING IT in return as you can see below from just one affiliate contest where we earned prizes.