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Want to be a rock star coach but your to-do list keeps calling?

We provide you with so many options for making fast work of creating the content for your workshops, monthly programs, or lead funnels – but you still have work to do after you download our content, and we know all too well how easy it is to shift into procrastination mode when faced with a long to-do list.

As the CEO, you should be working ON your business and not IN it.

So if you find yourself getting bogged down in “busy work” and you’re not spending enough time coaching, teaching, marketing, and creating partnerships – it’s probably time to hire a virtual assistant to help you.

Here are some of the basic things a virtual assistant can do for you:

  1. Product Management (taking the content you get from Coach Glue and updating it with your logo, business information, case studies, images, etc., and packing it up into a product that you sell)
  2. Client support
  3. Schedule coaching calls
  4. Maintain database of coaching clients to keep track of how many coaching sessions they’ve used/have left
  5. Send invoices to your coaching clients
  6. Send payment letters to your clients to collect money owed
  7. Email marketing (setting up/sending mailings for you through software like AWeber)
  8. Social media planning and management
  9. Travel planning (reserving flights, booking hotels, etc)
  10. Website updates
  11. Shopping cart maintenance (like Infusionsoft, 1ShoppingCart, etc)
  12. Kindle publishing
  13. Set up and manage teleseminars and webinars
  14. Audio/Video help (editing, creating, etc)
  15. PowerPoint
  16. Transcription

If you would love to start handing off some of these tasks to your own virtual assistant, you’ll want to make sure you grab Melissa’s personal Fabulous Service Contractors List.

Her list gives you:

  • Access to Her Private List of 100+ High-End Service Contractors
  • Access to the 14 Contractors She Personally Hires + Outsources Her Business Tasks to
  • Access to Contractors in a Wide Variety of Fields Including: Business Managers, Virtual Assistants, Copywriters, Editors, Ghostwriters, Book Experts, Website Design, Graphics, Event Services, PR, Tech & Development, and so much more!

If you’re currently looking for a team member to support you and your business, or you know you’ll be looking soon, we encourage you to check out this list.

What is this List Exactly?

The fabulous service contractors list is a private online list of service providers that Melissa initially created for herself, for her own personal use. It’s her new list that took her a year to create before she released it.

It’s the exact same list that we also refer to when we’re looking for an expert to help us here at Coach Glue.

She did NOT just go to Google and throw this list together willy-nilly (because obviously she doesn’t hire or work with just anyone).

She personally and thoroughly review their website from top-to-bottom, and she spends time researching people on social media and other places online (if she can find them), to see what people are saying. And in some cases, she will reach out to them with questions to see how they respond & communicate.

She only add contractors to this list as a potential hire if they meet her initial criteria and high standards!

She does this because she doesn’t want to waste time later weeding them out when she’s looking for an expert. Once they’ve gotten the star, she feels confident in reaching out to them about projects & doing an interview.

If she’s not happy with someone for whatever reason, they’ll get cut from the list. Click Here to Get Access to Melissa’s Private List

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