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What Would Awesome You Do?

Last weekend, I gave a keynote speech at NAMS.

The topic was “I *Freaking* Double-Dog Dare you to Be Awesome”. Here’s me walking up to the stage.

In the keynote, I talked from the heart about my mission. I want to help Entrepreneurs just like you, to Awesomize your Business, your Life, and the World.

I feel that if we miss any of those three pieces, we just aren’t whole and fully living the lives of our dreams. Or to sum up, we aren’t our most Awesome selves.

For instance, we’ll use me as an example.

  • If I’m just focusing on my own life and my business, then I feel MEANINGLESS because there’s no greater purpose.
  • If I’m focusing on my own life and the world, then I’m a MISSIONARY because I’m not making money.
  • If I’m focusing on only my business and the world and am neglecting myself and my family, then I’m in MARTYR mode because my health and my soul gets put last.

For those visual types like me, this is what makes the most sense to me when I’m self-assessing.


As you can see, the sweet spot is when all three areas are given attention. THAT is where the Awesome happens.

In my keynote I also shared a story of James Dering, who lost 70 lbs in 18 months and also rekindled his marriage, started a business, and became a better father to his five children – all by using one simple trick.

What James did is this.

He took some time to see where Average James was currently and also started to visualize what an Awesomer version of James would be like. He called that guy “Awesome James“. Then, in every minute of every day, instead of doing what Average James would do and continuing to get average results, he chose to do what Awesome James would do instead.

  • At night, instead of setting his alarm for 7:30 am, he started to set it for 6:30 and went on a morning walk.
  • Instead of driving through McDonald’s on his way home, he stopped at the grocery store to grab something healthy for dinner.
  • Rather than walking into the front door after work and flopping on the couch, exhausted from a long day at work, he would go over to the dishwasher and take the 2 minutes to empty it because he knew that it would make his wife happy and that it was exactly what Awesome James would do.

Over time, making these small changes, Average James turned into Awesome James.

And, I want to help YOU to become the Awesome version of you.

Here’s what I’ve got going. For the month of April I’ve opened the Awesomization Nation where Amazing Business Owners just like you are doing to make an effort to become their awesome selves, by simply being aware of and doing more awesome. We’ll share and cheer each other on and I’m betting we feel a shift in the planet with as much awesome stuff is going to happen.

In fact, in the Facebook group, they’re starting without me! (And I love it.)

Here’s what Shelley Hitz did yesterday.



And, they keep on coming!


I would love to have you join us and make April 2015 your most … wait for it… Awesome month ever!

–>  Join us here.

Nicole Dean

PS. Go it alone? Or be surrounded by amazing energy and positive people who will inspire you? What would Awesome You choose?

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