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5 Reasons Every Coach Should Write a Book


Have you written your book yet? You know that one that’s been sitting there quietly in the back of your mind for the past year while other coaches in your niche are triumphantly publishing book after book?

It’s time to finally get out of your own way and get that book written and published. Nothing opens doors quite the way a book does, and there’s no better time than right now to start taking advantage of the power a published book can have in your marketing plan.

1. Exposure to New Audiences

With millions of visitors every single month, Amazon is by far one of the most visited websites on the internet. That means that your Kindle or print book has the potential to reach a whole new audience who might otherwise never hear of you.

2. Invitations to Speak

Whether you already speak at conferences and other events, or you’ve yet to launch your speaking career, a book is a great “foot in the door” that get’s noticed.

If you’re trying to land your first gig, then a published book is a fabulous way to show off your expertise to event planners. Spoken at a few conferences but never had the opportunity to offer a keynote address? A book just might turn the tables in your favor. And if you’ve keynoted before, a published book or two can easily lead to paid speaking opportunities.

3. Major Publication Interview Opportunities

Want to get your face (and your domain) on the national news or even Oprah? There’s no better way than to write a book. News producers are constantly on the lookout for experts in every field, and if you’ve written a book, you are granted automatic expert status.

4. Instant Credibility Boost

What does a potential client see when she first lands on your website or visits your Facebook page? Blog posts and opt-in incentives and even testimonials are great, but nothing says “I know my stuff” quite like a book cover. We might even venture to say that the fact you’ve written and published a book should instantly boost your rates, too.

5. Better than a Business Card

We’ve all been to conferences where all the attendees are busy handing out business cards. By the time you get home with that handful of cards, you can hardly remember the people you met, let alone what they do or why it’s important for you to know them.

But what if they’d handed you a book instead? You’d come home not only remembering them, but you’d also be perfectly clear about what they do and what their level of expertise is.

It really doesn’t matter if you’re a new coach or a seasoned veteran, if you know your stuff well enough to hang out your coaching shingle (and you do!) then it’s time for you to put that knowledge and experience into written form. Just do it. Write that book, and watch your business grow.

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Nicole & Melissa

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