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How to Use Done-for-You Workshops to Create Your Own Unique Program in Just 7 Steps

How to Use Done-for-You Workshops to Create Your Own Unique Program in Just 7 Steps

If you’ve been feeling hesitant about using our “done-for-you” workshop packages to create your own programs with, you’re not alone!

In fact, our VIP client Steph was skeptical about it too before she dove in:

Why not do what she did, and test it out for yourself?

Pssst! You can see all our workshop packages here.

Once you have a workshop package, follow these 7 steps:

Step 1: Go through all of the content and add in your own unique tips, ideas, and case studies to really make it your own.

Step 2: Decide if you want to run your program with live webinars/calls, or if you want to pre-record everything. Either way, you can use each of the training modules as a an outline or script for what you want to teach your clients.

TIP: Print off each of the training modules, grab a pen, and write all over them with your own notes that you can use during your live training webinar/call, or to keep you on track when you record them.

Step 3: Have your assistant brand all the training modules, checklists, exercises, and slides with your logo, colors, and business information.

Step 4: Order ecover and promotional graphics from your designer if you want them.

Step 5: Use the sales copy that we include in the workshop package and set up your sales page. Go through the sales copy and add in your graphics, additional information, fresh headlines, testimonials, bonuses, etc., to make it your own.

Step 6: Have your assistant set up your brand new program in your shopping cart, as well as your download pages, and post your live call schedule if needed.

Step 7: Open up the marketing materials that we’ve included in your workshop package and start using them. You can tweak the text and load up the content to your blog, post tips to your social media accounts, and tweak the emails with your info and then load them up to your autoresponder service as promotions. Plus, these also make great materials to give to your JV partners so they can promote your new program too.

If you’d like to host a free webinar training to help you sell your program – we even give you the materials for that too! You’ll get a webinar script that you can use as an outline, as well as a fun handout you can give to your attendees, and powerpoint slides too if you need them.

Just because our workshops are “done-for-you” doesn’t mean that you can’t use it to create your own unique program to sell to your clients.

Think of it as a short-cut. Grab your sticky notes and pens, and pull it apart to develop your own unique version.

Investing in our done-for-you workshops means that you don’t have to start from a blank page (and you know how quickly that blank page leads to procrastination).

If you’re ready to be of service to your clients without spending months stuck in creation mode, click here to check out all our Done-for-You Workshops.

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