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Promote Your Way to More Profits

How can you make sales if no one knows you have something to sell? This is an age-old question for businesses with physical locations as well as online businesses. You cannot just rent out a space or put up a website and expect people to find you. Yes, those closest to you will visit your business to cheer you on but that’s not going to keep you afloat.

Promotion is the name of the game when it comes to expanding your network and creating name recognition for yourself, especially if you don’t have an advertising budget yet. You have to put yourself out there and prove that you have value to add to the community. Creating content that will help your target market is one sure way to attract people to your business and turn them into clients.

Where’s Your Content Strength?

Many coaches cringe at the idea of creating content because they think that means writing dozens of reports or blog posts. Yes, those are two pieces of content that are popular but if speaking is your forte, then create videos with the same content you would put into a blog post. Create a YouTube channel and produce a few Livestream videos for Facebook and Instagram, too.

If the idea of appearing on video makes you faint, then write some blog posts or start a podcast where you can talk about your passions and interview people without having to be on camera. If you prefer speaking over writing, hire a transcriptionist to your team who can transcribe your videos and podcasts into text so you’re still providing your followers (and the search engine bots) a way to read your content on your website.

Now Promote Your Content to the World

Yes, this can certainly be scary, putting yourself out there for all to see and to possibly disagree and criticize. But if you want to grow your business and your profits, self-promotion is necessary.

Promote your content on your social media platforms where you know your target clients will see you. Ask them to share with their own network of followers. Make your content interesting and creative enough that people will be intrigued to read it or view it. Entice them into signing up for your email list with a tantalizing offer they just can’t turn down.

Instead of hoping and waiting for others to share your content, cross promote your own content to reach more people. For example, at the end of your newest blog post, have an opt-in box for your email list or a link to your group coaching registration page. If you’re a diva with serious video presence, drive traffic to your YouTube channel via your social media posts.

Now that you have some buzz and new subscribers to your list, create new content on a consistent basis. If these prospects think you’re a one-hit wonder and never see you publish again, they will easily forget your name and follow someone new who is more in tune with their needs.

Rise to Stardom with Our Content Promotion Planner

We love planning here at Coach Glue because we know that’s the key to working efficiently. Plus, you’re less likely to forget any important steps when it’s all written down. So we want you to step out of the shadows and start promoting yourself and your business with our Content Promotion Planner. We’ll walk you through the steps for identifying your target market, locating your market online, brainstorming what type of content to create, and sharing tools for automating this process. Plus so much more! Grab your planner today and make your content work for you. Get the planner here


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